He slaps you infront of the boys.

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You and the boys were sitting at the dinner table quietly eating dinner.

You were really upset about your parents dying in a car accident even though it happen over 4 months ago you never really got over the thought.

Once you were done you stood up, put your plate in the sink and went to living room to watch a movie.


"Y/n turn this shit off." He spat. Niall wasn't the same after what happened. Neither of us took it well so the boys moved in to help us.

I turned the volume up and ignored his rude comment.

"I SAID FUCKING TURN IT OFF!" He screamed and Harry and Liam ran into the room.

I kept watching as tears streamed down my cheek.

"Niall mate, leave her alone." Harry spoke trying to come him down.

"Shes watching this crap! Make her fucking change it!" He shouted tugging at his dirty hair.

"FUCKING CHANGE IT!" Niall screamed reaching over the coach and attempted to snatch the remote out of my hand.

"WHY WILL THAT BRING THEM BACK NIALL?" I screamed back and he didn't hesitate to let his hand make contact with my cheek.

I looked up at him with tears stinging my eyes.

Liam held Niall back while Harry hugged me.

"No. I'm sorry." I spoke softly before struggling out of Harry's grip and running out the house.


"Y/n? What's going on? Are you okay?" Louis answered the phone. He was the only boy in that house that I could really trust.

He wasn't home tonight because he was out with Paul at a private interview.

"Louis-" I Choked.

"I'm at my old flat come here." He sighed worriedly.

I took off running in the direction of Louis house.

Our house wasn't far from Louis. It was about a five minute walk.


"Babe why are you crying what happened?" He asked as he pulled me into a hug.

"He hit me."

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