#3 Harry+marcel (you see marcel getting bullied

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"Woah woah woah.. You think you can ignore me when I insult you?!?" Someone shouted pushing up a boy into a wall of lockers. I looked closer at the boy. Marcel!! I rushed over to the guys holding Marcel by the throat. I pushed with all my might against the boy with my brother in his hands. "Leave him alone!" I shouted pushing him away.

Marcel looked at me scared and shocked. "Y/n go I don't want you getting hurt!" Marcel stuttered with all the oxygen left in his body. But I ignored him. "Oh look who we have here.. Marcel's little sister coming to the rescue!" The boy chuckled nodding at another guy.

The other boy nodded back and slammed me into the lockers as well. "Don't hurt her.." My brother stuttered looking around hopelessly.

"Michael teach her a lesson." The boy holding Marcel laughed. "Sure thing Ray." 'Michael' responded. His fist suddenly connected with my eye making me gasp in pain, struggling to free my hand to cover my eye. "Stop please." Marcel pleaded tears streaming down his face as Ray forced him to watch.

Michael took me off the lockers. Me thinking it was over tried to free myself from his grasp but that pushed him to slam me harder into the lockers. I screamed in pain. Michael pulled me back once more and backed away. He quickly slammed my head into a concrete wall instead of a locker.

The pain was unbearable. Michael had once again backed away from the wall before slamming me so hard into the wall that I could feel the blood trickling down the back of my head. I heard constant shouts but before I could tell who they were coming from blackness took over my vision.

Harry's POV

Liam, Niall, Louis, and I were all hanging at my house when my phone started to buzz. I held up a finger to say one minute and took out my phone hitting answer before looking at the caller ID.

"Hello?" I answered cursing myself for not looking.

"Mr. Styles?"  The upset sounding voice asked.

"Yes? Is everything alright?" I asked still confused as to who was calling me.

The person sighed taking a deep breath. "I'm sorry Mr.Styles but your sister Y/n Styles was put into the hospital a couple minutes ago."

My eyes widened with fear.

"Wha-what happened?" I stutter wiping my tears away.

"She was beaten somehow but the boy that carried her here hasn't said a word." The voice spoke softly.

" I'll be there as soon as I can. Thank you."

"Thank you Mr. Styles. "

With that I hung up and jumped off the couch. "Let's go." I muttered grabbing my keys and Opening the door.

The boys followed me to the car silently. "Harry let me drive." Liam said holding his hand out for the keys. I sighed and handed him the keys getting into the passenger side.

The car ride was silent. Once we arrived we found a parking spot and quickly ran to the entrance. I ran to the nurses desk. "Y/n styles." I said quickly the boys standing right beside me.

"Room 23a floor 3." She answered not even looking up from her computer.

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