#1 Getting over a break up

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Louis: (Age 19)

"Y/N I don't even know why I trusted you!" My boyfriend yelled at me throwing his arms every which way.

"Dez please! Just listen! It wasn't my faul-" pain shot through my cheek. I winced and stepped back. He just hit me. "WHAT THE HELL!" A voice was heard from the door. We both turned to see Harry and Niall standing there. I was holding my cheek as tears slipped from my eyes.

"Y/N your such a sl*t!" Dez yelled hitting me again but this time it was much stronger and I fell to the floor. "Y/N! GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR HOUSE!!" Niall yelled taking hold of dez's hand and pushing him out the door.

"Y/N I'm so sorry are you Okay?" Harry asked helping me up from the floor. "I'm fine." They both just nodded.

Harry took out his phone a started  dialing a number. "Who are you calling Harry?" I asked sitting myself down on the sofa. "Louis he needs to know what happened." He replied waiting for Louis to answer.

Once Harry had explained everything Louis said he would be right there. Minutes later the door flung open and in came Louis.

He walked over to me and hugged me. "Why do you have a black eye Louis?" I asked slightly touching his deep purple skin.

"Had to take care of him." He laughed and I snuggled closer into him. "Thank you guys." I said softly before falling asleep next to my favorite people.

Omg it's been so long I'm sorry for not updating! ILYSM all the love -Mac

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