He slaps you part 2

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"YOU FUCKING HIT YOUR OWN FUCKING SISTER HORAN WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU EXPECT ME TO DO?" Louis screamed into the phone frustrated, as he basically pulled out his hair.

"You brought this upon yourself mate, all I can do is protect you sister. 'Cause obviously you can't." He snapped.

My head was leaned against the wall as I listened to Louis fight with Niall. I couldn't stand how it sounded. I opened the door and stepped out quietly.


He head snapped around and his eyes softened.

"Babe I'm sorry did I wake you up!" He asked walking over to me and ignoring Niall as he asked constantly if I was the one Louis was talking to.

I shook my head.

"Couldn't sleep."

He nodded. "Go back to my bedroom and I'll be up in a second." He spoke softly.

I nodded and slowly turned my body around dragging myself back to Louis bedroom.

"No Niall. Yes she's fine." He sighed and I could feel his frustration.

Lou walked in with a cup of tea and his phone.

"Here you go love."

"Thanks Louis."

"Um Y/n? Niall kinda wants to talk to you...." I nodded and he handed me the phone.

"Hello " I spoke my voice crackling.

"Y/N?!? Oh my god. Y/n I'm so sorry! I was so worried. Are you okay!" He rushed out and I chuckled.

"I'm fine nialler."

He sighed happily.

"I love that laugh of yours. Listen I have to go but I will pick you up first thing in the morning and we will have a day just the two of us sound good?"

"Yeah see you then love you nialler."

"Love you princess."

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