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Ok hi! So um I have good news!
I'm writing a new book called "ready to run" and I need people to be in it! So if you would like to be in it please comment on the one you'd like to be!

Please no fighting I love you all equally and if you don't get the part you want then I can try to work something else out so you'll be happy!

The following characters are

Niall's sister

Louis gf

Zayn's sister

Zayn's gf

Liam's sister (you will become my best friend)

Sam's (one of the three main characters) sister

Louis best friend

Calums gf

Luke's sister

Harry's best friend

Ashton's gf

Luke's best friend

Jake's  (one of the three main characters) sister


Mac's (top main characters) sister

Please please please no fighting! Ily all! 💕💕

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