You're sick

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Y'all better appreciate the fück outta me. Bc I'm sick as fuck and I wrote this. Okay gimme love.


"Y/n what movie do you wanna watch now?" Niall asked as he cuddled up to me.

I giggled as Liam came back into the room with more popcorn.

"I don't know." I said before coughing.

Liam and Niall both looked at me in concern.

"What?" I questioned.

"Y/N that sounded like it really hurt are you alright?" Niall asked me putting his hand on my thigh. (Not in that way you dirty pervs)

"Ya. I'm fine." I said before coughing again.

They still weren't convinced but let it go as we watched mean girls.

My stomach started to hurt as I groaned, thinking I was hungry I stuffed some popcorn into my mouth.

All of the sudden I had an urge to throw up.

Quickly getting up I held onto my mouth so Nothing would spill all over niall's carpet.

Running into the bathroom I pulled up the toilet seat and puked out my guts.

By now I had tears streaming down my cheeks as I attempted to not get puke in my hair.

Liam and Niall came rushing in, gasping before Liam took a hold of my hair and Niall took my hand squeezing it and rubbing circles on my back to sooth me.

When I was done, Niall handed me a
Warm towel to clean myself up. I smiled at him and thanked him.

I attempted to stand up and walk to the door but halfway through my head started spinning.

Liam caught me and picked me up bridal style.

He brought me to niall's room and Laid me down on his bed. I immediately sat up. "Guys no I'm gonna get Niall sick." I whined attempting to get out of the bed but Niall held me back and smiled.

"I'll wash the sheets y/n it's fine." Niall answered kissing my cheek.

"Get some rest princess." Liam spoke and kissing my cheek also.

"Call us if you need anything we will just be out in the living room." Niall said quickly before turning off the light and closing the door. 

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