#1 Getting over a break up

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Niall: ( age 15)
You were just sitting In your room studying for a big exam you had tomorrow when you phone rings.
You open it to see that it's from your boyfriend.

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You read that text over and over and over again. "What did I do so wrong?!?" You whisper yelled to yourself breaking down into tears.
"Y/N!! Dinner!!" Liam says knocking on your door. Instead of answering you just cried harder into your pillow.

"Y/N?" Liam says again knocking on the door. "I-I'm not hungry liam.." You choke up pushing your head farther into your wet pillow. "Y/N please just talk to me Niall doesn't have to know could you please unlock the door babe?" He hums leaning his head against your door. You sign and slowly get up and unlock the door letting Liam in then quickly shutting it again.

"Why are you crying babe?" Liam whispers pulling you into his chest. "P-phone Che-check my ph-phone." You stammer pulling away from Liam as he walks over to your phone and reads the texts. "Oh Hun... He's an asshole he doesn't deserve you! You can do so much better then him!" He coos as he takes you into his embrace. "Let's go tell the boys then we can watch sone movies yea?" You nod weakly as you and Liam walk downstairs together.

As soon as you reach the bottom of the stairs Niall turns his head in your direction quickly his eyes soften as you walk over to the couch where the rest of the boys are sitting. "Babe what's wrong?" Niall asks pulling you into his embrace after you sit down.

After you had explained it all to Niall and the boys their eyes all went dark well all but Liam's. "That bastard!!" Harry shouts tugging at his hair. You wince and he instantly calms down. "Let's just watch some movies k Hun?" Louis chirps and he stands up to put in a movie. The test of the night was wonderful and you gladly spent it with your brothers.

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