Chapter 20 (Christmas with you)

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-Eunice's POV-

            I pack my things for my holiday getaway with Mavis and I'm so glad my dad is letting me go with her alone to some rest house Jared gave her. As I check my things to make sure I brought everything, I hear the door bell ring. I run down with my bag and throw the door open to see Mavis waiting patiently for me with her smile.

"Hey there. Excited to see me?" she teases taking my bag from my hand.

"Pfft please. I'm excited for the getaway, I'm just using you for it" I tell her making her chuckle as she takes my hand and we walk to her car.

"I am hurt but then again, I'm just using you as an excuse to get away from the family time we always do during Christmas" she retorts before we slide in to our respective seats. We drive to the outskirts of town before Mavis stops her car and tells me to get out while she takes our bags.

"Mavis, we're in the middle of nowhere" I start to say but I pause when she holds out her hands to me, I take it knowing she knows what she's doing. She pulls me close to her wrapping her arm around my waist tightly.

"Close your eyes" she whispers and I find myself closing my eyes before feeling a strong breeze and a dizzying sensation. "Keep them close okay?" she says and all I could do is nod. I feel her let go of my waist but take my hand and was leading me to somewhere with my eyes shut tight. I just listen to any clue that would give me an idea of where she's leading me but I couldn't hear anything just our footsteps and the bags being put down.

"Okay now you can open them" she whispers behind me and I slowly open my eyes anticipating what she got in store for us but my breath is taken away by the infinite fields of snow covered mountains.

"O my God Mavis!" I exclaim turning around to look at her and gasp at the amount of love she has in her eyes. "It's so beautiful"

"I can think of something more beautiful" she says looking into my eyes. I couldn't help but lean in and kiss her.

"Where are we anyway?" I ask after pulling away.

"Somewhere in Washington. This was Jared's rest house" she states dropping a kiss on my shoulder.

"And he gave it to's like we're in a different world" I state looking back at the scenery.

"We can be if you want" Mavis buries her face in my hair inhaling my scent. "I'm so happy you're here spending Christmas with me" I smile at her confession and at the small trail of kisses on my neck.

"I'm happy too" I tell her back. "Let's go unpack" I add and feel her nod against my shoulder. As we turn around I finally get to see the house and it was beautiful. It is small but comfy; it fits the definition of a guest house. I start to unpack my clothes after admiring the small house and watch as Mavis take something out of the closet.

"I'll sleep on the floor and you take the bed" she says to me and I recognize the thick comforter she pulled out of the closet.

"No Mavis, let's just share the bed. I don't want you sleeping on the floor. Besides, we passed that stage haven't we? We slept on the same bed during the fall dance" I tell her taking the comforter from her hands and putting it on the bed before sitting down and patting the spot beside me for her to sit on.

"I know it's just..." she trails off and I notice the fidgeting of her hands, something she rarely do.

"It's just what?" I ask.

"I can feel the need to mark you" she whispers, my eyes widen and my cheeks heat up at the thought of us doing it. "Eunice I don't want to force you" Mavis says and as I look into her eyes I see the darkening of her irises and I know mine are doing the same.

"You're not. I can feel it too Mavis" I tell her honestly making her blink a few times as if I just told her an impossible riddle. She leans in and kisses me slowly and gently at first, this kiss is so innocent one would think we haven't made out a few times. I feel her tongue tracing my bottom lip asking for entrance which I gladly give and I moan as her tongue caresses my own, I feel her nibbling on my bottom lip before I snake my tongue into her mouth and our tongues doing the dance it has perfected. We pull away when oxygen is needed.

"Make me yours" I whisper opening my eyes to see her now dark brown orbs and her smile.

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