Chapter 18 (More Lessons)

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-Eunice's POV-

            After asking them the question we all take a seat on the couch, Silver and Natalie on one and Mavis and me on another.

"So you haven't told her about the marking thing?" Silver asks disbelievingly. "Mavis she has the right to know you know. It only happens when you guys do it" my eyes widen when I hear that part.

"Excuse me what now?" I ask dumbly but I didn't care. Mavis groans beside me and Silver smiles sheepishly.

"Silver" she growls out before looking at me and I raise my eyebrow waiting for her to explain. "There's this thing we vampires do with our zings and that's marking them so everyone will know they're ours and no one will touch them" she starts and lets her words sink in before I nod for her to continue. "But we only mark them during....ahm" she scratches her head which is a rare habit of hers. "Can you guys excuse us? I want to tell her without an audience" Mavis adds before dragging me up the stairs to her room and locking the door. She lets out a sigh, turning around and looking at me.

"Mavis you need to tell me the truth" I state and she nods making me sit on the bed before she takes a seat beside me.

"There's a group of vampires and wolves alike who are against what the purebloods have become. You see when my parents zinged they broke the cycle of having purebloods and seeing that I've zinged with you, a human, they're out to get me and you" she explains and I get scared a bit but my fears are wash away when she wraps her arms around me. "I'm not letting them touch you. Earlier back in the haunted house, I felt a presence and the hand that touched your arm confirmed that some of the members are here already. That's why I was on guard and itching to get home knowing Silver will be here" she kisses my temple. "I don't know how much self control I'll have if they did anything to harm you."

"Silver, who is she?" I ask still intrigued with the girl.

"She's my cousin. She's also one of the few purebloods who happened to zing with a human" Mavis answers.

"Okay and what about this marking thing?" I ask.

"Right as I said earlier we mark you guys so no one will harm you but we only do that when we're.." she stops. "You know" she says and I frown before realization dawns on me.

"So you mean if we take our relationship to a more intimate level that's the time you'll mark me" I state more than ask and she nods her head. "That means if we don't do it, I don't get a mark" I add.

"Yeah but here's the thing, there's a time when we feel like doing it. It's like being pulled by an invisible string and we lost ourselves in it" Mavis tells me and I feel my cheeks warm up. "Hey when I feel it, I'll stay away until it goes away so we can avoid it" she adds standing up. "I better go talk to Silver about the plan. I'll be back" with that she leaves me in her room alone with my thoughts.

"You know I had the same fears once when Silver told me about that. I stayed away from her when the cycle came but what I didn't know is that I was hurting her" Natalie says as she sits beside me looking at me.

"Hurting her?" I ask looking at those hazel orbs that seem to illuminate under the light.

"Yes. You see, marking us is their way of finally becoming one with their soul mate" Natalie explains and I see a fond smile curving her lips.

"How long have you known them?" I ask.

"Since I've known Silver" seeing the frown on my face she chuckles and looks at the wall. "Silver and I have known each other since birth. I've seen Mavis and Ronnie while they visit Silver's family in London" she looks back at me. "I know it's scary to think about it. Knowing that once her fangs sink into your flesh it'll hurt but I know Mavis. She would never want to hurt you intentionally and she'll be gentle. I see it in her eyes, the happiness and love I've never once seen in those light brown eyes of hers" a smile makes its way to my lips and I feel my cheeks warm up at her statement.

"Thank you Natalie" I tell her and she just shrug lightly with her beautiful smile.

"So, Mavis happened to tell me about how you two started out with a hate relationship" she states and I was glad for the change of subject as I laugh remembering the first time I met Mavis, my proclaimed rival. I start telling her about the events that happened for the past 2 months making her chuckle and comment once in a while. We stop talking when Mavis and Silver stands in the doorway with amuse smiles on their faces.

"It seems like our girls are having fun talking about us Mavis" Silver comments as Natalie walks to her kissing her lightly.

"Seems like it" Mavis answers walking to me and sitting beside me. Natalie and I lock eyes and I knew then as I look back at Mavis who was looking at me. I knew then I could trust Mavis with my heart and I knew she will never hurt me.

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