Chapter 15 (Keeping us a secret doesn't last very long)

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-Eunice's POV-

            It's been two weeks since I found out about Mavis, her entire family and since we've started being together. We agreed to keep it a secret though until we find the right time to show the entire student body that the sworn rivals are now girlfriends. I for one, am having a hard time acting like I'm not dating Mavis as I find myself staring unabashedly at her at times and I know my friends had notice it but didn't try and address it. As I stand with Aileen in our chemistry class, I glance at Mavis and Julia across our table. We are currently mixing chemicals to create a nice aroma or something, I wasn't listening to Ms Sumner. Mavis smirks at me and forgets about her partner for a few minutes, once we break our eye contact Julia is already pouring something into their chemical mix.

"No Julia don't!" Mavis says but it's too late as a smoke quickly covers the room making us stop working all at once.

"Alright everyone, stop everything you're doing and go outside until the smoke clears up" Ms Sumner instructs coughing once in a while and we all pile out of the room. Once outside our now smoke filled room, I see Mavis glaring at Julia.

"We were supposed to make a nice aroma, not a freaking smoke bomb" she says through her gritted teeth.

"I'm sorry alright? I got distracted" Julia reasons out just before the sprinklers come off due to the smoke. Mavis looks up and sighs as the water hits all of us.

"Great now I just got my second bath of the day" she says still glaring at Julia before walking to the bathroom. I excuse myself and follow her to the first bathroom located in this part of the school. When I enter, I see Mavis toweling her hair before she looks up and smiles at me. 

"Come here" she tells me and I walk right up to her. She puts the towel on top of my hair before drying it off.

"Thanks" I say to her in which I earn a genuine smile as she turns back to look at the mirror. I see her eyes are a bit red no doubt from thirst. "Mavis" I say getting her attention, once she turns to me, I offer her my wrist. She frowns before shaking her head.

"No Eunice. I'm fine" she says placing my wrist back to my side.

"Mavis, I can tell you're thirsty. Come on, just accept it" I offer my wrist again but she just places it back to my side.

"I'm not drinking. I don't know if I could control myself once I get a taste of your blood" she says stubbornly but I'm more stubborn than her so I cut a small wound and place my wrist to her mouth. She tenses as my blood touches her lips, looking at me and I nod.

"I know you can control yourself. I'll tap you when I feel dizzy" I smile and she just sigh before I feel her teeth sink into my wrist making me wince but I stay put as I feel her suck my blood. A few minutes later I tap her lightly and she immediately pulls away but not before licking my cut and I hiss at the burning sensation. Mavis pulls me closer to her, resting our foreheads together, I feel myself a little bit dizzy but I don't regret letting her drink my blood.

"Feeling better now?" I ask.

"Yes" she responds huskily as our eyes close. "Don't do that again okay? I'll bring blood tablets" she adds and I just nod. We hear footsteps coming towards the bathroom and we pull away quickly just as the others enter the room and start drying their hairs. Once we all got dried up, we all walk back to our classroom but Ms Sumner dismisses us letting us have a half hour break before our next class. I'm talking to my friends when I see across the hall Mavis and some guy from class 3 talking near her locker. I frown as the guy's hands caresses Mavis' arm and she's not even doing anything about it. My friends' must've notice my distraction as they all turn to where I'm looking.

"Oh wow. That's David Fitz, star athlete of class 3. And I heard he's been pining for Mavis since the first day" Meg says as they watch the interaction between the two, now David is slinging his arm around my girlfriend. Ugh! If only we didn't decide to keep us a secret I could just march over there and slap him! Mavis must've heard my thoughts as she pushes his arm off her shoulders and was saying something to him. I keep watching as David frowns with confusion and Mavis rolling her eyes exasperatedly just before walking toward where we are.

"Why'd you leave David behind Mavis? It seems to me like you were enjoying his company" I tease trying to hide the jealousy in my voice.

"Did you not see my face? I was bored and only going along with his rant" Mavis answers frowning but I roll my eyes and look away shaking my head.

"Oh were so bored he had to put his arm around you and whisper in your ear" I retort sarcastically. My friends are whispering but I just ignore them only hearing Mavis sigh. Before we could say anything else David is there and Mavis all just pushes him to the wall holding him by his shirt collar.

"Look David, just because I didn't say anything earlier doesn't mean I'm into you. I didn't say anything because I'm trying to be polite to let someone see that I can be polite around people now that we're finally together. But you ruined that by making moves on me and now she won't even talk to me. So the next time I see your sorry face again I'll cut you down" she seethes and David is shaking visibly while nodding vehemently. "Good now leave" once Mavis lets him go he scurries down the hallway, running like his life depended on it maybe it really does as Mavis is still shaking with anger.

"You could've just told him off nicely you know" I say as Mavis looks back at me with a pissed off look.

"I tried that approach but you thought I was enjoying his advances on me. Make up your mind" she huffs and I see her eyes are a little bit reddish. "You know what, whatever. I tried being nice you give me the cold shoulder, I'm being mean you reprimand me. I'm going to class" she turns on her heels and walks down the hall to our next class.

"Is there something going on with you two?" Aileen asks and the others are looking at me waiting for my explanation. My eyes lock with Rilee's and I see hers dawn with realization before the bell rings and we all walk to our next class while they keep asking me. Once inside I see Mavis near the window looking outside not even glancing our way as we take our seats.

"You still haven't answered our question Eunice" Meg says.

"Girls, leave her alone okay? She'll tell us once she's ready" Rilee says putting a comforting hand on my shoulder while I keep looking at Mavis hoping she'd turn around. Way to go Eunice, going all jealous and mad at her. Now look she won't even talk to you, I groan mentally. Another guy walks up to Mavis but gets shot down immediately.

"Can't you guys just leave me alone? I'm already with someone" she says through gritted teeth trying in vain to hold back her anger.

"Hey Eunice. Wanna go see a movie with me this Saturday?" Mark Braun asks me and I'm stunned.

"No she won't Mark" Mavis is already beside me smiling too sweetly.

"And why is that Mavis? She's single and so am I. So what do you say Eunice?" he asks looking at me again with hopeful eyes.

"Sorry Mark. I can't. I'm actually with someone" I tell him smiling apologetically and he frowns looking back and forth between Mavis and I. I sit on my table and grab Mavis' hand bringing her closer to me. "And I'm sorry for acting all jealous with David earlier" I whisper to her and she just shrugs wrapping her arms on my waist.

"You were hot being jealous" she nudges my nose with her own and I glance down at her smiling lips before kissing her chastely. I vaguely hear the gasps from our classmates before Mavis pulls away just in time for our professor to come in.

"Settle down everyone" he says and Mavis winks walking to her chair next to mind taking my hand in hers as we listen to the lesson.

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