Chapter 8 (Confusions and Feelings)

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-Eunice's POV-

            I wake up the next day to see Ronnie's smiling face in front of me. I frown in confusion before smiling back.

"Good morning" she greets as we sit up, thankful that the throbbing in my head had receded.

"Morning" I greet back before looking around for Mavis. I swear I was with her last night.

"Good you're awake. Come on, we have to start walking if we want to find the others" her voice suddenly sends chills through my spine which was odd considering I was dating her sister.

"I'm taking her home" Ronnie says standing up and pulling me with her.

"It's not your decision to make Ronnie" Mavis says with pure venom in her words. "Eunice is my partner ergo my responsibility. Stop being such a child and go home" she adds. I look back and forth between them.

"I'm taking you home Eunice" Ronnie says to me already holding my hand but I pull away from her. She looks hurt from my action but I don't really know what made me do it.

"I'm sorry Ronnie but I'm going with Mavis. This is part of our grade" I say to her and she looks like a kicked puppy before glaring at Mavis who was glaring back at her. "Let's go" I turn to Mavis and she leads the way back to where the others are. The walk back to our campsite was quiet but I was itching to ask Mavis questions. Before I know it, we were reunited with the others as my friends immediately surrounds and hugs me. Asking me what happened and where I went last night. I answered them honestly and they all look at Mavis who was putting her hands up to stop anyone from hugging her.

"So, she really saved you?" Aileen whispers. I nod, my eyes lock on Mavis as she listens to Mr Hendrick.

"How was it to be with her?" Nadia asks making me look at her with a frown. "You know...with Ice Queen over there" she nods to Mavis' direction.

"It was okay" I answer unsurely.

"Okay class. Since last night didn't go as planned, I'm ending this trip. Pack up and we'll go home" Mr Hendrick instructs and we all move to pack our things up.

We arrive back to school with Mr Hendrick telling us to rest and we'll see each other tomorrow. I take out my phone and see 10 missed calls all from Ronnie but I ignore it to send a message to my dad when there was a honk. I look up to see Mavis' car in front of me.

"Get in" she says through the open window of the passenger's side. She gives me a 'what-the-hell-are-you-waiting-for' look. I open the door and buckle the seat belt as Mavis drives us out of school.

"Why?" I ask.

"I have a feeling my idiot sister is coming to drive you home but she's not much of a good driver" she shrugs as we drive back to my place. I just look at her before looking out the window to distract myself.

"Can I?" I ask pointing at the stereo. She gives me a nod and I turn on to hear our original song play. I raise an eyebrow side glancing at her, she remains focus on the road as I listen to our voices ring through her car's speakers. For the rest of the ride, we let the music take over. My phone rings and I see Ronnie's name on the screen but I just ignore it. It keeps ringing and I keep ignoring it until Mavis snaps her head at me.

"Just answer the freaking phone" she says through gritted teeth but I turn off my phone instead. She raised an eyebrow at me before looking back to the road. We arrive at my house and I look back at her.

"Thanks" I tell her and she just nods at me so I get out of the car and walk to my porch but not before looking back at the speeding car. I sigh unlocking my front door and stepping inside to be greeted by one of the staff. I just walk up to my room ready to just fall asleep but I remember my phone, I take it out and turn it back on. It rings almost right away and I see my dad's name on the screen. I press answer and wait for him to speak first.

"Eunice are you home?"  He asks.

"Yeah dad. I got a ride from my classmate" I tell him and hear him sigh in relief.

"Oh thank heavens. I was about to get you but I got called to a conference"

"It's okay dad" I yawn.

"Okay baby girl. You get some sleep. Daddy has to go"  He says and I just hum in response before ending the call and laying back on my bed, my mind ready to just shut the world out when my phone vibrates. I look at it with one eye to see Ronnie's name. I open the message and didn't bother to reply. I'm so tired and I don't want to deal with her right now, not now when I'm having mixed feelings.

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