Chapter 21 (Yours)

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A/N: Okay so this chapter contains lady love so if you're not comfortable with it I ask you to skip this chap. Also I hope I don't disappoint you guys with it cause this is a first for me. Enjoy :D

-Eunice's POV-

             We lean in for a more passionate kiss, my hands immediately grab a fistful of her hair as I feel her pushing me back down to the bed and her hands slide up and down my sides as she settles on top of me. My body is hot and I've never felt this much want and need. She detaches our lips and moves hers to nip at my jaw and down to my neck where I feel her lick, nip and lightly bite my pulse point making me moan loudly.

"Mavis" I say breathlessly and Mavis hovers over me. I reach for the hem of her shirt and pull it off her. Seeing her in only her bra to cover her amazing body made me gulp loudly. This is the first time I've truly look at Mavis' body. I was so lost memorizing her body that I didn't notice her unbuttoning my shirt until I felt her hand on my breast, massaging it gently. I sit up to slide my shirt off and throw it somewhere near the bed before lying back down with Mavis on top.

"Beautiful" Mavis whispers to me, sending my body a shiver and heat up at her words. Her hands slide up my now bare sides before going under me and I feel the clutches of my bra being unhook, freeing my breasts as she throws my bra near our forgotten shirts. I circle my hands to her back and unhook her bra throwing it as well and gasp at the sight of her now topless body. As I lie back down, I gasp as our breasts brush against each other. The pleasure is too much that my body was screaming for more. Our lips attach for a hungry kiss, I knew we both needed more. My hands reach for the button of her jeans quickly undoing it as she explores my mouth with her tongue. I feel my own jeans becoming undone before they are slide off to my ankles where I kick them off, Mavis doing the same with hers before she crawls back up to my face and we resume kissing hungrily. Now that we're in our underwear, I feel nervous. Mavis pulls away to look at me, I squirm under her intense gaze and my hands shot up to cover my body but Mavis grabs them, stopping me from doing so.

"Don't. You're beautiful" she says softly, caressing my cheek.

"Not as beautiful as you" I tell her honestly as I take in her goddess-like body. She just smiles lovingly at me before leaning down and softly kissing me.

"You are the most beautiful human I have ever seen" she kisses me. "I promise I'll make you happy, be the girlfriend you deserve to have and spend all eternity by your side" she finishes looking into my eyes with all the sincerity in the world. I cup her face and take in this moment with this beautiful vampire/wolf who has captured my heart since the beginning.

"I promise to be with you for all eternity Mavis, loving you and caring for you. You don't need to be the best or the perfect girlfriend, just be you and I'll be the happiest, luckiest person ever" I tell her before kissing her with all the love I could muster. This innocent, gentle kiss holds the very amount of love we have for each other. Our kiss escalates into a heated, hungry, passion-filled kiss as we lose ourselves in each other. My hips start to grind into hers, a moan creeping up my throat ready to be let out as she presses her hips to my center. The friction is such a pleasure but I needed more. I pull away resting our foreheads with each other, sweats are starting to form as we keep gyrating. She snake her hand between our bodies, I feel her fingers at the hem of my underwear, her eyes searching for any second thoughts I have but I nod to her telling her I'm ready for this. She slowly pulls my underwear down to my legs as she descends my body, trailing kisses from my jaw down to my neck, sucking my pulse point eliciting a moan from me. She leaves my neck, trailing down to my collarbone then stopping on my chest. My underwear was long gone by the time she takes one of my hardened nipples into her mouth, licking it before sucking greedily like a baby.

"Hmmm, Mavis" I say breathlessly as I enjoy the pleasures she is giving me. She lets go of my left breast with a pop before kissing a valley to my right and doing the same thing she did with my left turning me into a moaning mess. Her hand is still above my center. "Take off your underwear" I gasp out and she did so quickly before returning to pleasure me. I pull her up to kiss her as our centers touch and we both moan to the sensation. She trails her hand down to my center and finds my bundle of nerves, she rubs circles on it, I moan out the pleasure that is coursing through me, as my moan gets louder it urges her to rub tight circles around it making me feel like on the edge.

"Can I?" She asks and I just nod not wanting her to stop her ministrations. I open my eyes to see her moving down my body till she reaches my core. The hand rubbing my clit stops and I whine at the loss before I feel her finger slide down to my entrance, teasing it while her tongue tentatively swipes at my clit.

"Shit!" I groan out as my body jolts involuntarily upwards wanting to feel more. She moans sending vibrations through me as she licks my folds before sucking my clit while her finger slide quickly into me, bringing me both pain and pleasure.

"Am I hurting you?" she asks and I hear the concern in her voice.

"I'm okay Mavis. It feels good" I tell her and feel her mouth back into my clit while her finger slowly moves in and out of me sending waves of ecstasy throughout my entire being. I clench my hand on the bed sheets and my other finds itself tangling into Mavis' brown hair as she adds another finger and licking my clit with more force and I feel the coiling in the pit of my stomach before my muscles lock as I reach my orgasm. I feel like I'm on cloud nine, too high to even come down as I feel my lover slow down her pace to help me ride out my first orgasm. Once I'm back on earth, I still feel shivers run through me as the after effect of my high. Mavis hovers over me smiling, I notice wetness on her chin and blush knowing that was mine. As she leans down she attaches her lips to my collarbone and I feel the tip of her fangs on my skin.

"Do it" I tell her holding onto her shoulders as she sinks her fangs into me marking me as hers forever. Pain shoots through me but it's gone as quickly as it came when Mavis pulls away licking my now tampered skin. She rests her hand on my chest breathing heavily as I feel her move her hips into mine and I instinctively move mine building up a rhythm we lose ourselves into. She kisses my neck and her breathing starts to become pants, out hips moving faster rubbing our centers frantically. I can feel the coiling quickly building before I feel my release rush through me and as soon as I came so did Mavis, we both moan out our names slowing down our movements as we ride out our orgasms. When we stop, our breathing have become heavy and ragged, our body full of sweat. I didn't notice I had dug my nails into her back when we did it.

"Sorry" I say to her but she just shakes her head before kissing me.

"The pain is worth it" she says after we pull away. "I love you" she adds and my breath hitches at her admission. She blushes and turns her head away. "I'm not just saying that because we just had sex but because-"

"I love you" I cut her off making her head snap back to me with a look of surprise before she smiles that smile. I lean up and kiss her to prove that I do love her, I know I've always had. We smile at each other after pulling away. This is the best Christmas Eve ever!

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