Chapter 26 (Homecoming, Trouble)

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-Eunice's POV-

      I made another quick look at the mirror as I check my make up one final time before my date arrives and pick me up. Contented that I'm all set I pick up my purse and walk down to the living room to see dad and mom smiling at me brightly just as they reveal Mavis there with them. She looks amazing in her all black knee-length tight dress with her hair pulled up in a messy bun and those 4-inch black shoes. I was unabashedly checking her out but I can see her doing the same with me judging by her growing smirk.

"You didn't call or text me" I pout as I walk to her.

"I wanted to surprise you" she kisses my cheek.

"Well how about a picture you two?" dad says and takes out his camera while mom smiles at us. "Alright smile" he says before the flash goes off.

"Now Mavis make sure she's home before midnight" mom tells Mavis who nods in understanding.

"Bye mom, bye dad" I kiss both my parents cheeks as we walk to Mavis' car.

"Have fun girls" mom calls out to us before I get in the passenger seat and Mavis in the driver's seat.

"Ready?" Mavis asks starting the car. I look at her and take hold of her hand as I nod my head. Soon we were driving down the highway on our way to our school where the homecoming was being held at the auditorium. The drive there was mostly silent as we didn't need to talk all the time with our hands intertwined. Once we arrive and Mavis parks her car, she turns to face me. I look at her worriedly after seeing her unreadable expression.

"Is something wrong Mavis?" I ask her squeezing her hand.

"Eunice, whatever happens tonight. I want you to know I love you so much" she tells me with so much sincerity that it made me wonder if something was going to happen. Something bad.

"I love you too Mavis. What's going on?" I ask her but she just shakes her head before leaning in and kissing me gently and full of love. When we pull back she rests her forehead on mine as we enjoy each other before getting out of the car and walking hand-in-hand to the auditorium to see our friends and classmates dancing, talking and just having a good time.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't Mrs and Mrs Halstead being fashionably late" Rilee teases with Ronnie on her side.

"Hey Rilee, Ronnie" I greet them back just as our other friends surround us and we talk while walking to our table. Not before long we were all on the dance floor dancing with our dates. I am enjoying my dance with my girlfriend who sings some of the lyrics of the song to me before the music turn to that of a slow one. I wrap my arm around her neck while she wraps hers around my waist pulling me closer to her as we dance to the song. When the music ends we turn to look at the stage to see Headmaster Halstead holding an envelope.

"Hey everyone, enjoying the homecoming so far?" he asks and we all cheer. "I bet you're all excited to know this year's homecoming king and queen" he raises the envelope and gains another cheer from all of us. Mavis whispers something into my ear making me chuckle lightly before hitting her on her arm. We all watch as the headmaster opens one of the envelopes.

"Now for your homecoming king" he pauses while the drums play. "Give it up for Michael Johnston" he announces and the quarterback of the football team walks up to the stage to get his crown. We all cheer for him as the headmaster congratulates him. "And now for your homecoming queen" another pause "Put your hands together for Candice Miles" we cheer as the head cheerleader walks up to the stage and takes her crown standing with the headmaster and Michael.

"Now for the king and queen's first dance" the music plays again and just as the two are on their way to the center of the dance floor a gust of wind blows around us before three men dressed in a long coat stands in the center. I look at Mavis when I feel her tense beside me and I see the look of anger and her eyes are already crimson red. I then glance at Ronnie and Silver, their eyes the same color as they look at the men.

"Mavis and Veronica Halstead" the man on the center speaks up, his voice so low it made me shiver.

"What do you guys want?" Headmaster Halstead speaks up suddenly at our side.

"Ah, the famous Markus Halstead. We have no business with you but with your daughters" the man says back.

"Everybody get out of here" Markus says and everyone runs as quickly as they can out of the school. The men didn't move an inch as they stare at us when I notice the place was surrounded by their kind.

"Leave my daughters alone Victor" Isabelle's voice rings out before I see her standing beside her husband.

"Isabelle" Victor says pushing his hood off making me see him. He was as white as Isabelle and Silver but he has a huge scar adorning his face. "It has been a while since we've seen each other" he smiles though it wasn't making me any less uncomfortable. "You look as beautiful as when we first met" he says lovingly making me puzzle all the pieces.

"Leave my daughters alone Victor. They have nothing to do with your revenge on me" Isabelle says but Victor just lets out a dark laugh making me shake in fear. Victor is a vampire who is in love with Isabelle and he was out for revenge when Isabelle married Markus.

"I can't do that my darling. You see I have to kill your daughters to make sure we preserve the pureblood lineage. I am also going to kill your beloved wolf right there to make you mine before he stole you from me" he says his eyes narrowing down.

"Mavis, Ronnie, Silver" Markus whispers and we all look at him. "Get out of here and be safe. I have to settle things with these guys" he says and the three nod their head before we're being carried out of the auditorium, down the hall but before we could reach the entrance one of the hooded guys blocks our way out.

"Where do you think you're going princesses?" he says and something in his voice seems familiar to me.

"Let's settle this once and for all" Mavis says making me look at her in disbelief. "Ronnie, Silver, get them out of here" she adds then looks at me. "I would never let anything happen to you Eunice" she tells me her red eyes softly gazing into my brown ones. Before I know it Ronnie was carrying me to the entrance as Mavis and the guy engage in a hand to hand combat. I look back in time to see Mavis getting thrown across the hall and I just run to the door but before I could reach it, the door closes with my last glance at Mavis looking at me as she stands.

"NO!" I pound at the door in vain.

"Mavis!" Ronnie yells, I was crying as I keep pounding my fists at the door as I hear a loud crash from the inside. My heart just drops at the thought of losing Mavis forever.

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