Chapter 14 (Ronnie VS Mavis)

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-Mavis' POV-

            I arrive home to the sight of a still seething Ronnie being calmed down by dad but let's face it with her childish and irrational thinking she's going to challenge me in front of everyone. I walk to the kitchen to get some ice pack before walking to the couch to see an amused Dainley waiting for me there.

"What happened to you?" she asks too amusedly to be out of concern.

"Ronnie" I say simply applying the ice pack on my cheek before throwing it to the garbage bin.

"Ronnie all I'm saying is this is a bad idea" we hear dad say as the two of them emerge from the west hall with Ronnie looking determined.

"Mavis I challenge you to a fight" she says as they reach us and dad sighs dejectedly.

"No you will not." Mom says firmly before I could respond. She walks to stand between us before all hell break loose. "There will be no fighting in this household" she commands.

"What do you say Mavis? If you don't accept my challenge, Eunice is mine" Ronnie challenges which snap something inside me.

"First of all Ronnie, Eunice is not a prize to be won. Second, you're stupid if you think you can defeat me" I answer standing up and I see my parents' frightened look.

"Less talking more fighting. If I win, you're going to back off and let me have her" Ronnie says and I hold back my anger.

"And if I win, you'll leave her alone. If you go near her, I'll snap you like a twig" I say venomously. Dad sighs in defeat knowing this fight was inevitable.

"Okay fine. You two want to fight? Go ahead but no killing of each other" he says and transports us all to the backyard. "Remember, whoever is wounded most loses" he sighs exasperatedly. Ronnie charges at me in full speed but I dodge her attack making her lose her balance and hide somewhere in the trees. I look at mom and dad before zoning in on their conversation.

"I told you to calm Ronnie down. We all know Mavis received Jared's powers and she's more of a vampire than Ronnie" mom says my eyes watching Ronnie move around.

"I tried but Ronnie got my stubbornness" dad says back scratching his head.

'Mavis' Astor says before Ronnie appears behind me and sinking her canines on my shoulder as she throws me down to the ground. I catch my footing while hissing at the pain on my shoulder. Ronnie charges at me again her daggers out and ready for her to use them against me. I let Astor out as my sister slashes but Astor's fire deflects it. I counter her attacks with Astor's fire burning her on her back and arms. This fighting is going too long for my liking so with a speed faster than any of us, I charge towards Ronnie ready to strike before Eunice's scent stops me on my tracks my distracted state gives Ronnie the chance to strike at me, slicing a clean cut across my left arm. I groan loudly at the shooting pain and my restraints are broken as I let my anger take control of my action. I charge towards Ronnie my fire ready to burn her to crisp when dad steps in and throwing us both toward the trees. When my fist hits the tree it burns instantly while Ronnie's daggers are impaled on the trunk.

"That is enough" dad says firmly just as Eunice walks in joining mom near the door. "Mavis, if she truly is your zing then prove it to us so that this can be over without any of you dying" dad adds as Eunice frowns in confusion.

"What's going on?" she asks as mom leads her to where we are currently standing. "Oh my god Mavis you're bleeding" she rushes to me gently taking a hold of my arm, my temper goes down as I smile at her. "I'm going to call 911" she takes out her phone ready to dial the number but I hold her hand to stop her from doing so.

"There's no need" I tell her and she looks at me incredulously. Just as she opens her mouth to say something, I cut her off, "There's something I need to tell you about what I am" I pause to wait for her reaction, when she stays silent I continue. "I'm a vampire"

"Mavis stop joking around, you're bleeding and we need to stop it" she shuts her mouth as she sees my wound is healing on its own.

"I think it's better if you girls continue your talk inside" mom suggests and I lead Eunice inside the house to my room for privacy purposes, not once glancing back at Ronnie. I make her sit on my bed as I stand in front of her while she process what I said earlier.

"How long?" she asks, her voice distant.

"I was born as a vampire. Contrary to what the movies and television shows, most vampires are born as one" I explain and she nods her eyes running a hundred different emotions per second.

"Okay, so you're a vampire" she looks up to me. "Do you like transform into a bat or an animal?" I raise my eyebrow at her as if she grew a second head. "Just asking" she adds blushing.

"Sadly I don't. Actually Eunice I'm half vampire, half wolf" I slowly walk to the bed, tentatively sitting down on the edge. She gives me the 'what-are-you-talking-about?' look so I continue. "My mom married an alpha wolf. You see us vampires have this ability to 'zing'"

"Zing?" she asks, her eyes now filled with curiosity.

"Zing, okay. What vampire movies had you seen?" I ask.

"Twilight and Underworld" Eunice answers. I nod more to myself than to her as I think up of a way to explain this to her.

"Okay, us vampires we don't transform to any animals and we do not sparkle" I say the last words firmly and she nods. "I don't turn into ashes either when exposed to the sun due to my hybrid blood. Now zing is our way of finding our soul mates" I start explaining and I see her listen intently. "Once we find our soul mates, we make this connection with them and we never fall for anyone else, in humans it's the form of love at first sight" I finish hoping she'd understand.

"So that means I'm your zing?" she asks with a hopeful look in her eyes.

"Yes. When I first saw you back when we were 10, I felt this connection with you and I never understood it until Jared told me. That's why Jared kept bringing us together 'cause we only zing once" I smile at her.

"Wait, Jared's a vampire?" She inquires and I just nod in response. "But why did he die?"

"He was killed by one of the few vampires who have the ability to kill our kind. He didn't stand a chance" I smile sadly as she holds my hands.

"So we've been soul mates since 10. But why did I like Ronnie?"

"I don't know what you saw in her" I mutter with a smirk as she slaps my arm lightly. "Eunice" I swallow the lump on my throat.

"What is it?" she asks her brown eyes sparkling. I lean in till our breaths mingle, her eyes slowly closes in anticipation of what we know would happen. I press our lips in a soft kiss and sigh in contentment. I pull away just a few seconds not wanting it to turn heated, seeing her frown makes me worry.

"I'm sorry" I say pulling away but she holds me into place.

"You're the one who kissed me during the camping trip" she says more to herself than to me really. "No wonder I didn't feel the same spark when Ronnie kissed me in the garden" she adds as if she's relief or something.

"Ronnie kissed you?" My voice hardens unintentionally as I feel another anger rise up inside me.

"Yeah when she led me away from the dance. We were talking and she kissed me but I didn't feel the same. I always thought it was Ronnie who kissed me in the forest" she sighs, shaking her head before she locks her eyes on mine. I wait for her outburst but it never comes, instead she pulls me back to her and kisses me harder than before. "You're my zing" she whispers and we stare into each other's eyes in our own little world.

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