Chapter 5 (Indirectly Hurting)

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-Eunice's POV-

            I arrive in school a quarter to 7, seeing most of my classmates. Mr Banner looks so excited about this camping trip. I on the other hand, I'm feeling both excited and anxious. I mean I just had a great night last night with Ronnie on our date. We just clicked right away, she's so much more fun than my other dates. I think I really like Ronnie.

"Okay, who's not here yet?" Mr Banner's voice brings me back to the present. I look around to notice Mavis isn't here yet. "Okay so it's just Miss Halstead" he gets cut off by a car parking far from us. Mavis gets out of the car with slightly disheveled hair and walks to where we are with her bag.

"Here you go Mr Banner" she hands him her waiver and yawns before looking bored again.

"Thank you Mavis. Alright now that everyone's here, let's get in the bus" Mr Banner instructs and we all get in the bus one by one, taking seats with our friends well except Mavis, she loves being alone. "Here are some instructions for this camping trip. One, I'm going to partner you guys up so no one will get lost when we climb the mountain. Two, those who will be partners will stay in one tent throughout the entire trip and work together as well. This trip is going to make a huge impact on your grades class so don't take this lightly." He starts assigning us to partners. Aileen and Francheska, Rilee and Nadia, I look around to see Mavis not giving any attention to Mr Banner when my name gets called. "Eunice will be partner with Mavis" he says and Mavis barely gives him her attention. "Now, sit with your partners." I get up from my seat and sit next to Mavis. She looks at me for a while before looking back outside. My phone vibrates, I check it to see Ronnie's name and a smile immediately finds its way to my face as I read the text and reply to it. Once I hit send I look back to see Mavis now looking at me her earphones long gone.

"What?" I ask when I see her frowning.

"Nothing" she says but didn't break our gaze. "You looked like you had fun with your date last night" she adds.

"I did actually" I retort only to get her calm stare which was really unnerving. It's like she can see right through me and studying me from the inside. Just when I was about to tell her to stop she breaks our gaze to look outside once again as we leave the city.

"Okay guys and gals, we're going to walk the rest of the way since the bus can't climb the mountain and I want you to experience mountain hiking" Mr Banner announces as the bus stops in front of the forest entrance. I get my bag and stand; from the corner of my eye I see her stand as well with her bag on her shoulders. I get off the bus and look up the trail.

"Now remember to stay with your partners. Come on" Mr Banner starts walking the trail while we follow him with our respective partners. I've always liked adventures and I used to hike with my dad when I was a kid before he became too busy to spend time with me. As we walk up the trail to our destination, I keep glancing at my partner who was oddly quiet before checking my phone to see if Ronnie texted me. The whole way up, I keep exchanging text messages with Ronnie who was going to spend time with her dad which was sweet. When we reach our destination, a clearing somewhere deep in the forest, I lost signal so I put my phone inside my bag. Mr Banner tells us to find a spot to pitch our tent up and take some rest since the walk exhausted most of us. Mavis was already pitching the tent before I could even start looking for a spot.

"You could help" she says while assembling the tent.

"I'm about to" I retort getting down on the ground and help her with our tent. Once that's done, we put our bags inside. "Finally. I'm so tired" I let out as I lay down my sleeping bag while Mavis sits on the other corner of the tent. I look at her and not a single drop of sweat is found on her body which was pretty odd if you ask me. Her eyes lock with mine with an unreadable look before I look away. Something about her mysterious aura draws me in and her eyes do not help at all.

"Hey guys, Mr Hendrick wants us to gather" Aileen says her head popping inside our tent.

"Okay" I tell her getting her help in getting up while Mavis just follows us to where Mr Hendrick gathered us.

"Now that you have gotten your rest. I need you to look for some firewood in the woods and explore the forest itself." He instructs and we disperse walking towards the forest to look for some firewood to use for later. I see my other classmates pick some firewood, some goofing around while others take pictures. Aileen, Nadia and Rilee walk to where I was and we take pictures.

"Mavis come take pictures with us" Rilee invites her but Mavis declines walking further down the forest.

"Sorry about her, she's still an ice queen" I tell them before catching up to Mavis who has gathered tons of wood. "Can't you try and be nicer to your classmates?" I ask bluntly. "I don't get why you're so cold, mean and unsociable all the times. Can't you be like Ronnie?" I add but regretted it immediately when I see her stiffen for a brief moment before her face hardens.

"Don't you ever compare me to Ronnie" Mavis seethes before walking away from me, making me feel shitty with myself for indirectly hurting her.

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