chapter 8

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  I noticed that Adrien was acting weird today. And when I say weird I mean weird not only would he not leave my side, but he took every chance he could to kiss, hug, and even show I was his. I didn't know why though, did I do something wrong?  Then in class he literally snapped his pencil in half when he found out that me, him, and the prince were in the same group. Did he just not want to be in the same group as me, did he not like me anymore? the thought brought tears to my eyes.

    "Adrien can we talk please?" I asked him avoiding eye contact.

   " of course princess." he simply stated as he pulled me into a janitors closet.

  " Do you hate me?" I asked him simply. really that was exactly what was going through my mind at the moment. I really felt like I did something to make him angry. I reluctantly looked up to meet his gaze. He looked bewildered.

  " How could you even think that Marinette? What in the world did I di to make you the one I love with every fiber in my body think I hate you?" he asked seriously ( for once in his life)

  " Well when you found out I was in the same group as you, you snapped your pencil in half. And you have been acting weird since this mourning when the prince came in." I said

   " Princess" he said through clenched teeth " I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at the prince who flirted with you and called you princess. Only I get to call you that cause you belong to me. Not that prince. Princess I cant stand the thought of you with someone else. And the only reason why I snapped that pencil in half is because that guy had the nerve to be in the same group as us."

  " Kitty their is no reason at all for you ever to get jealous cause I have eyes for you and only you. I would never cheat on you. And by the way you have no right to be jealous over other people flirting with me" I said

  " Huh" he said perplexed.

   " Are you really that oblivious. Chloe for god sake is always right on you. Stealing kisses and putting her hands all over you. Oh and don't even get me started  on her calling you Adrikins or some other stupid name." I grumbled. Honestly he had no room to talk about getting  jealous. Jealous my but that's what. Instead of telling me he simply kissed me, just not very simply. This kiss had passion and love. I moaned involuntarily and melted into the kiss. Adrien was kissing me like his life depended  on it. He licked the bottom of my lip and I opened my mouth as he explored it. Then his hands went up my shirt. But then the door opened reveling Alya and Nino.

  "Oh my god you two need to get a room." Nino said while Aly was in shock.

  "Technically we did you just walked in on us " Adrien said while still holding me tightly with no shame.



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