Chapter 11

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That's when the akumitized villain transformed Paris into the ancient Egypt past. Then he was like " Make way for prince Ali"
" Chat Noir we need to make a plan okay." She told me I completely agreed with her. We went were their was no body to see us then detransformed. That's when a light surrounded Marinette. Her hair became a lot longer but still the same shade. Then she got a an outfit that looked like what princess Jasmin from the Disney movie wore but it was pink. She looked absolutely stunning. All I could do was stare at her.

" Stop staring kitty we need to get a plan. Tikki do you know anything?" She asked her kwami.

" Yes Marinette princess Jasmin was a previous Ladybug so your powers should work the same.You should be able to go to the palace and get a plan and take rest their" Tikki said.

" Wait Princess Jasmin was a ladybug." Mari asked.

" Yes she was one of your past lives. And Adrien you were Alidden who is your true love. Yes, Chat Noir and Ladybug always end up together." Plagg said. " I hated it here you never gave me enough Camembert." he added.

" Wait what, I was Alidden as in prince Alidden who fell in love with the beautiful princess Jasmin?" I asked.

" Yes" Tikki said that's when I turned to Marinette.

" I knew I called you princess for a reason."

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