chapter 5

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" What about ladybug?" Chat Noir asked.
" That's not important right know, your Adrien the guy I've urggg!" she responded.
Adrien couldn't respond at all. How long had he stared at the the ladyblog wondering who she is? How had he not seen the similarities between the two? Adrien couldn't take it anymore " Plagg claws in" he detransformed and then kissed her. He loved her so much he couldn't take it." Princess you've made me so happy, I really do love you with a all my heart."
" I love you too Adrien, I just hope you aren't dissapointed. I'm not special like ladybug I'm just plane old Marinette, nothing special at all." she started to cry.
" Princess never say that about yourself agen I swear to you that is all lies and made up shiz. I will see you tomorrow my lady" he said

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