chapter 21

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- Adrien-

"Holy shit Nino I'm getting married tomorrow." I screamed at my best friend. "Yeah I know, you've said it a million and a half times already." I just wow. I couldn't believe it, after all these years I'm marrying the women of my dreams. "I have to go see her." "No can do bro, you have a bachelor party tonight. And Mari is in... Oh shoot never mind." Nino said. "Never mind what! Where is Mari?" I asked with venom dripping from my voice. "She is going to a club tonight for her bachloret party." What I am going to see her. Without giving Nino a response to my new-found information I was out the door heading to a bakery.

"Why hello princess." I said when I saw my lady in her room. She was in her sports bra and yoga pants. She came up to me and gave me a peck on the cheek. "Why bonjour minou. How are you?" She asked me. "Purr-fect. Well I must say that is a purr-ty look furr you. But if you show anyone else then expect a cat fight." I said as I checked her out. She groaned "Oh the puns!" She exclaimed. "You know what tomorrow is right?" I asked. She threw herself on her bed. I de-transformed back to the 17 year old Adrien.

"No I don't seem to recall. What?" She said. "Oh you know." I said as I came up to her and I climbed on top of her on her bed. I kissed her pasionatly then I left a trail of kisses until I found her neck. I sucked the sweet part on her neck, She moaned. Then unexpectedly she flipped me over, now I was under her. "Do I now?" Then she kissed me. She started slowly at first then harder and more demanding. I had a comeback but before I could say it my mind turned to mush. "Damn your really something." I moaned as she sucked on my neck. I took control of my mind again as I grabbed her hips and started grinding ours together. I nibbled on her ear loab and whisperd "You will officially be mine and all mine." She groaned as I grabbed her butt and clenched it. She scratched my back trying to bring our bodies closer together.

"I want you." She said "As you wish my love"

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