chapter 14

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Today is the day. I'm am going to America with Adrien. I put on my regular outfit and went out the door. Alya was waiting outside the bakery. " Come on girl we have to meet the guys at the airport in a hour. Hurry!"

" Coming" I said I still had to stay bye to my parents. " Bye mom bye dad I will see you in 3 weeks." I said as I hugged them goodbye. It was hard to leave but Tikki assured me that nothing would happen Hawk moth would sense us leave. and with no miraculous nearby there was no reason for a akuma.

" Have fun and be safe honey call us when you land so we now you are safe okay" my mom asked.

" Yes maman I promise bye love you." I said as I was walking out the door. I need this I told myself.

We went in the taxi and head off to the airport. We got their and saw the boys. " Hey Mari you ready?" He asked me.

" Y-yes" I said. Even though we were closer I still got nervous around him he is just so damn amazing. He grabbed my hand and we boarded the plane. We sat together. Alya. Then Nino and Alya sat right in front of us.

" Here " he said as he handed me an price of gum. "It helps with the height. When we go up high it will give you an ear ach."

" Oh okay thanks" I mumbled. I took out my hand knitted blanket and wrapped it around me and Adrien. We took off as I was looking out the window. " Wow it is beautiful." I said.

" Yeah it is." Adrien said to me. I looked at him and smiled. Over the next few hours we talked about various things. Eventually we fell asleep.

* Tap tap* someone was poking me. " few more minutes Tikki please."

" Sorry princess but it is Adrien and we'll we are here." Adrien said I opened my eyes to find myself layer across his lap. He was playing with my hair while I was asleep I could tell cause it was put of the pigtails I had them in earlier. He picked me up and carried me bridal style off the plane.

" I can walk now thank you very much." I said.

" I know but I like having you close to me." He said and I blushed as he put me down. I found our luggage at the luggage place. After I got it we headed for the hotel.

We went to the front desk and got our key cards. " We will meet you two down at the pool okay?" Alya asked as we went to our rooms we were right across the hall from each other.

" Yeah sure." Me and Adrien said in union. I went in the room. It was beautiful. It had red velvet drapes. A king size bed and cream carpet. It also had a 60inch T.V. I hurried into the bathroom it was huge. It had a shower and separate bathtub, and two sinks. " Wow" I said as I went back out to find my bikini and cover-up. " I will take the bathroom and you take the bedroom to change okay princess?" Adrien asked and I agreed. I quickly put on my bathing suit and brushed my hair. Adrien came out of the bathroom with two towels.

" Come on!" I said excitedly as I pulled his hand . I noticed he was wearing black trunks and a green shirt. We got outside to see the ginormous pool. " Hey Alya." I said as I ran up to her.

" Hey girl" then she came to my ear "did you wear the bathing suit." I nodded my head. "That's my girl." I took off my cover up. It was a red bikini with black polka dots. I turned around to see Adrien looking wide eyed at me I mirrored his reaction. He looked amazing he was in plain black trunks bit his torso damn his Chat Noir showes

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