chapter 7

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" Marinette and Adrien save that for after school please" the teacher said as she walked in. Marinette immediately stepped away and blushed. That's when the handsome prince came into the classroom with Nathaniel. That's when they both dropped their books at the sight of Marinette. The prince walked over to Marinette books all but forgotten.
" Hello princess I am prince Ali its a pleasure to meet you. And you might be?" he asked Marinette.
" M-marinette" she stammered. Adrien was visibly fuming. No one called her princess except for him she was his property.
" What a beautiful name for a beutiful girl, I hope to see you soon." he said then went to find his seat.
" Why I auta-" he was cut of by Alya
"calm down mister I know for a fact that she likes you and only you. He's a prince who took notice to her that's the only reason she acted that way. " She said reassuringly.
" Well you better hope so" he said through his teeth

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