chapter 17

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- Alya-

Me and Nino met up with each other after I dropped Mari off with Adrien.
"I can not believe he asked her to marry her though baby. I didn't think he had it in him." Nino told me.

"I know my little girl is growing up so fast, it seems only yesterday she was stuttering and blushing whenever she saw him. Anyway I am really happy for them if that is not true love then I do not know what is." I said. I am a little jealous of my best friend though. Me and Nino have been dating for five years when will he ask me to marry him?

"I was really surprised that Mari was not pregnant though." Nino said. I nodded in agreement.


I took Mari into Starbucks I have been here only once and it was amazing. I got a Venti hot salted white Carmel mocha with three extra shots of espresso and two extra pumps of white mocha stirred with whip cream and Carmel drizzle no salt. She doesn't like coffee so she got a Venti hot chocolate. "Wow this is really good." She told me. "Thank you Adrien but it was only three bucks you didn't have to buy it for me."

"No problem my lady it was a paw-leasure." I said with a Chat Noir smirk.

"Uhhh really the puns, I thought we left this in Paris along with ladybug and Chat Noir." She said.

"Do you love me Marinette?"

"Of course I do."

"Then you love my puns, they are a part of who I am." I said a little to smug.

"I know that is the annoying part." She teased and I chuckled. "Alya was asking when the wedding is going to be."

"Actually I wanted to talk to you about that, I have already asked your father. He approves a hundred percent. My father knows I called him last night. And I was wondering, how about two months after we get back from the trip we are here for two weeks." I said I wanted to be with this girl as soon as possible.

"Yes! That sounds great." She said unable to hold back her excitement.

"Great, and we can have it under the Eiffel Tower." She said, she seemed really happy.

"Yes! Oh no look we have to meet Alya at the Disney store, come on." She said rather excited. Oh right she absolutely loved Disney.

When we got to the Disney store her eyes lit up."Good thing I saved my money cause after this I am going to be broke." I laphed. She was so cute. Then I saw a hat and put it on. Then i saw her and lent down and kissed her. When he pulled away she was as red as a tomato.

 When he pulled away she was as red as a tomato

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