chapter 19

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Her parents had taken the news really well. They did ask if she was pregnant but Marinette quickly denied. It was now the day they went back to school to tell everyone. And god he was nervous, but not as nervous as Mari.

"Are you okay?" I asked her on the way to school.

"I am really nervous about Chloe, I do not want to deal with her today." She told me.

"Same here Mari, she can be a real meaner but she was my first childhood friend and I will have to invite her to the wedding. We do not need her to turn into Maleficent." I said she laphed.

"It's funny because it is true. That is the akuma she would become." she said. It was time we into the classroom. At first it went unnoticed then Mari forgot and raised her hand.

"What is that?" Chloe screamed.

"What is what" Mari asked innocently.

"That on your finger. Did you get it good will?" Sabrina asked and Chloe snickered in response. That is when I had enough I stood up.

"No it is real. I bought it for her. Me and Marinette are getting married in a month." Chloe looked outraged then amused.

"Ha yeah right. Come on Sabrina." They stalked off . I laphed ,"good she's gone." That's when the class broke out al the girls went up to her even the teacher. Then all the guys came up to me and crowded me. I heard a round of congrats and good for you's. I was really happy that my friends supported my relationship with Marinette.

By the end of the day I was really tired. I texted my dad telling him I was going to crash at Mari's for the night. I knew he would approve. We walked to the bakery. "My parents are not home right know they went to my Nana to get the secret formula." I Smiled and picked her up bridal style. I brought her into her room. She got up and got a book from her bookshelf.

"What are you reading?" I asked her she loved to read.

"The mortal instruments city of bones I love this series I've read it a million times. I guess it's Clary and Jace's forbidden love but in the end they would still do anything for each other."

"Your cute you know that." I said.

"I know and you love it too."

" Damn right I do."

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