chapter 12

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" What are we going to do" I asked chat then I saw him looking at me. " Chat Noir focas we need to find my parents. And the palace" How in the world are we going to do this. And how in the world did princess Jasmin live with this hair. It is way to long. But Adrien really likes it. Maybe I can ask Tikki of theirs a way to keep it.

" Tikki?" I asked my Kwami who was talking to Plagg trying to figure put a plan. But she seemed in he same situation as me.

" Yes Marinette what do you need?" she asked me.

" Is their any way I can keep the hair I really like it?" I asked.

" Of course when you do the miraculous cure I can fix everything except the hair if you like." She said and Adrien's eyes lit up.

" Can she keep the outfit too?" Adrien asked hopefully.

" Seriously Adrien?" I ask him how can someone so cute be so annoying sometimes?

" No I'm dead serious I barley get to see anything know I get this and honestly Mari you look Sexy." he said I groaned. Their was no hope for this silly kitty. I give up.

" We need to get out of here Adrien we can fawn over Marinette she is in danger. If Prince Ali catches her most likely he will marry her and I do not think you want that right now" Plagg said huh weird he is never serious.

" Wait weres Alya?" I panicked I immediately picked up my stuff and ran. That's when I saw her looking around confused. " ALYA!" I screamed she saw me.

" Marinette oh my goodness your okay I heard the Prince Ali say he wanted you. Are you okay. Wait oh my goodness your hair, it is beautiful. And that outfit can I have it?" she gushed oh boy

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