Chapter 6

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- Marinette -
" Oh no I'm gonna be late " I said rushing put the door. I didn't have time to put my hair in it regular pigtails, and I had to get my bag together. " Tikki get me an outfit please I'm running late!" she nodded her head and went to my closet. No doubt she was going to dress me up but honestly I didn't gave the time to dwell on the matter I had to get to school. And Adrien!!!!
Tikki gave me my clothes I didn't look at them but put them on. It felt flattering that's a plus. Tikki pointed to a pair of heals. Oh well. I put them on and headed out the door.

I ran my way to school cause I overslept. I got their painting I was out of breath I saw Alya with her mouth hanging open. I looked at her confused. Oh I remember that the prince Ali, I recall was coming to the school today as a transfer. " Are you really that excited for the prince Alya?" I said as I went up to her, but she kept her eyes on me the entire time huh weird.
" You look amazing Mari!" she said to me I heard Tikki snicker from the inside of my purse. Oh no Tikki.
" I have to go to the bathroom I'll see you in class Alya" I quickly went to the bathroom not waiting to hear a response from Alya. I ran to the bathroom and saw myself in a croptop white shirt and then I had black high waist shorts that went above my belly button. I looked haut and with my hair and heals "oh no" I thought. I head to class. When I got their everybody stared. I blushed and started to walk to my seat when someone came up behind me. " Hello princess I must say you look purr-fect I might have to fight people off of you." Adrien wisperd in my ear. I turned around to face him but instead he kissed me. I sighed and melted into the kiss. That's when Alya and Nino tapped Adrien on the shoulder to remind us they were there. But he just chood them off and kept kissing me. I wasn't complaining.

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