chapter 13

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"Tikki spots on!"
" Plagg claws out!"

It had been 3 weeks since Ladybug and Chat Noir had deleted Prince Ali. Adrien was ecstatic that Mari was able to keep her hair. It was really long and Marinnete actually learned to love it. Of course Alya had a hay day playing with it. " Urrg I can't do it I need a break." Mari told Adrien she was so stressed out. They had just defeted another akuma and was back to their civilian selves at the end of the day for school.

"No princess what we need is a vacation." Adrien told her. It was true they could not catch a break lately.

"I have a announcement friends of mine." Alya said. " We all are going to sunny Cape Coral Florida for a vacation. All of your parents have agreed. Yes including you Adrien. We all need a break. We leave in two days."

"Wait " Mari started. " We are going to Florida and our parents agreed to it?"

" Yes keep up with the program here people." Alya said.

" My dad agreed to it ?" Adrien asked.

" Yes, he said you have been working really hard lately and you deserve it. Also he wants you to become closer to Marinette so you two will be sharing a room together at his request. Yes I know I was shocked myself." Alya told him. She turned to see Mari with her mouth hanging open with a shocked expression on her face.

" Are my parents okay with this?" Marinette asked.

Nino butted in this time. " Oh yeah dude they believe your old enough and said just to be careful. They also said yes they are big Adrienette shippers too." Adrien and Marinette were as red as a tomato.

" Marinette come on let's go to your house and get packing we leave in two days and I have to talk to you." Alya said.

" Okay Alya " Marinette mutterd. Adrien pulled her in for a hug and passionate kiss before he left with Nino, leaving her flustered. Alya grabbed her friends hand and led her to Marinettes house. Once they got in the room Alya started talking.

" Are you okay girl you look faint." She asked.

" I am not ready why would my parents agree to this I can not share a room with Adrien I. Am. Not. Ready." She stated.

" Oh boy Mari we have a lot to prepare you for honey."

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