chapter 4

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"What the hell was that Marinette. The love of your life just kissed the hell out of you. What the hell happened. I need the deets right know if not I will kill." Alya screamed to her bff
" I would tell you but honestly don't know." Marionette told Alya.
" So he just kissed you out of the blue?" Alya asked
" Per Cicely"
" That's bullshit Mari but whatever I'll see you tomorrow" Alya huffed.

- Later that night-
"Chat Noir your going to get hell from me." Marintte said to no one in particular. As if on cue Chat showed up at her trap door in her pink room. " One second don't come in yet." she had to get all these pictures of Adrien off her walls. Urrg what a pain. She got all of them off. " Come in " she said sternly.
" Hel-"
" Stop right their Adrien Agreste. I want you to know I've had a crush on you both sides of you. And trust me I know both sides pretty well, since the moment I saw you. But as ladybug I've always denied you're feelings because I've devoted my love to Adrien. Little did I know you were Adrien." Marinette said.
" Wait what did you just say?"

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