chapter 1

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"Hey Marinette" I said then she looked to see who was talking to her. When she saw me she turned a deep red. It was really cute I had to admit.
"Hey A-Adrien" she stammered on her words with that cute blush still on her face. Why though, she wasn't like this around my alter ego, maybe a sly cat will pay his princess a visit tonight to get to the bottom of this weird behavior.

-Later that night-
I knocked on her trap door wanting to see her . My father, he, I overheard him say I'm a worthless peace of junk that just needs to get out of his life. I couldn't go to Ladybug I didn't want her to think I'm a weakling or something. So I decided to go to the lovely Marinette. I don't know why I just have this feeling in my gut that its the right thing to do, that its the right place to be, to see her and be in her arms.

 "Hey kitty long time no see, do you wanna come in its a little cold outside and I don't want you to get a cold." she asked sweetly. How can someone be so sweet? So innocent of this worlds harshness? 

"Please princess it would an honor." I said with a dramatic bow playing the role of a prince to my princess but when I looked up from my bow I said in a less confident manner "can I talk to you?" I asked her then started to feel the tears coming on, I didn't know how much longer I could keep my  composure, what my father said really hit me deep, I know that I shouldn't care, that he never really pays attention to me anyways but I try so hard to please him. It just never works I guess.

"Oh my, Chat of course you can tell me anything." she told me as she pulled me into a hug. Something I really needed. Why was I here? Marinette has only ever seen me one time as Chat Noir, and even then she was confident and kind. But who am I? Who am I to Marinette she doesn't know me very well as Adrien and as Chat she has only met me twice counting right now. These thoughts raced through my head but at that moment I couldn't find it in me to care. I needed someone to comfort me even in the smallest of ways possible and Marinette is the only person that comes to mind when I think of someone that wouldn't think badly of me for being  so weak and emotionally raw. Even with this in mind all of my walls that I constantly had up as Adrien and Chat Noir came tumbling down. 

"No one cares about me, I'm useless in my fathers eyes as a son, he sees me as a tool to his business I try so hard to please him yet no matter what I do I just can't make him proud of me. I have straight A's all the time, I go to all the piano lessons and things on my schedule without fail, I know three languages, and I'm a model for goodness sake. Ladybug doesn't love me, no matter how hard I try to swoon her all she ever does is reject me, and all my friends think I'm fine cause I put a fake smile because I have too." I sobbed into her shoulder. Letting the tears fall. And I knew that they wouldn't be drying up for a bit. But as I cried for the first time since my mother I felt cared for and comforted as Marinette held me in her embrace allowing me to sort through my feelings. Earlier today I had planned on coming to Marinette's house in order to get to know her better without her being nervous but that didn't turn out as planned.

"That's a lie you know, I care about you Chat Noir. Really I do you are selfless, kind, and pure of heart. Always thinking of others before yourself. And if your father thinks your useless then he can go die in a hole for all I care." Marinette preached and looked at me in the eyes. I could see so much in her crystal clear blue eyes. I could see that she meant every word that she said and that didn't help my still flowing tears it just made them flow more. I wasn't embarrassed of them, I'm not saying that I'm proud of them either but at this point there was no turning back.

  Without really thinking I pulled her in and kissed her, it was a very unexpected thing from the both of us but what was even ore surprising was that she as kissing me back. I felt a purr go down my throat and she laughed and pulled away to my disappointment. "You silly kitty. Do you wanna stay the night, I have feeling you would like the company of a friend right now."
"I would like nothing more princess." I purred into her neck as I continued to hold her closely. She pulled away and left the room coming in not five minutes later with a mask. "Here so you can release your transformation" she said as she hands me a black mask.

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