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A/N: Since many of you guys wanted a Youtuber High School kind of story, I decided to make one. The main ship in this is SeptiPlier and other ships include Melix (Marzia and Felix) and Phan (Dan and Phil). This will only be a short chapter. Enjoy!
Beep beep beep
I hit the alarm clock. I groaned and grabbed my phone. I had a text from my pal, Felix.

Hey dude! You coming in today? I've been waiting in the park with Marzia for about 10 minutes now. School starts in a couple of minutes!

I checked the time and I realised school has just started. I got up and got changed, grabbed my bag and my phone and ran to school.

*time skip -tardis sound-*

"McLoughlin, late again! Sit down." My teacher said. I sighed and sat down next to Felix.

"Hey Jack. Why are you late?" Dan (Howell) said, turning around.


"Jack, stop talking! Dan, turn around!" My annoying teacher said. Dan turned around and talked quietly to his boyfriend, Phil (Lester).

*time skip again whoops*

I walked into the cafeteria and sat down on the table with Felix, Marzia, Ken, Dan and Phil.

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