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Mark started kissing me. I kissed back. I pulled back.

"Mark. Mark, stop. We need to go back to school." I muttered.

"But Jaaack." Mark groaned.

"Come on." I said. I grabbed his hand.

- at school -

We arrived back at school, holding hands, and walked up to Dan, Phil, Felix, Marzia and Ken.

"Jack, are you and Mark...?" Felix started. I nodded. "Oh my god!" Felix did a girly scream and hugged us.

"Felix! Congrats guys." Marzia smiled as she pulled Felix away.

"Yeah, congrats." Ken smiled.

"Congrats!" Dan and Phil said. I looked up at Mark and he was smiling. I smiled back. I knew this was gonna be amazing.

I walked to class with Felix, as we were in the same class, and we sat down at the back.

"Gaylord." I heard someone mutter. I looked up and saw Lily (IISuperwomanII). [A/N: I watch her so idk a lot about her and I'm sorry to all her fans. She's gonna be a bully. Don't kill me]

A/N: Sorry this is short. I didn't upload because I was busy so sorryyyyy

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