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Me, Ken, Felix and Marzia arrived at school. We walked in and we saw Dan and Phil. We went up to them and said hi. While everyone else was talking, I looked around and saw Mark. He was staring at me. He quickly looked down. I looked at Ken.

"Ken, Mark was just staring at me." I said.

"What?" Ken looked over and I moved his head back around.

"Don't stare!"I said.

"What happened?" Marzia asked.

"Mark was staring at Jack." Ken said. Marzia looked over my shoulder and looked at me.

"He's looking at you again." Marzia said. I turned around and looked at him. This time, he kept looking at me. He smiled at me and I smiled. He pointed at the park and walked over there.

"I'll be back in a second." I said and walked off.

"Jack! Wait!" Felix said but I walked to the park.

When I arrived I sat on the bench and I saw Mark. He came to sit next to me.

"Hey." Mark smiled.

"Hey, Mark. What's up?" I asked. I messed with my green hair.

"I know we don't talk a lot... but I have liked you for a while now and... I just needed to tell you... I'm sorry." Mark said and run his hands through his red hair.

"Oh, um. I... I love you." I said.

A/N: Sorry this is short. I'm feeling sick and I'm sad because something happened to my friend and something happened with me. Sorry again

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