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"Fuck you! Haha! See you tomorrow!" I laughed and waved to Ken and walked in my house and shut the door.

"Good day, Jack?" My ma asked. I groaned. She knew what that meant.
I walked up to my room and shut my door. I threw my bag on the floor and sat on my bed. My phone vibrated. I unlocked my phone and I saw it was a text from Marzia.

Hey Jack. Felix was wondering if you wanted to hang out with us. We are at Felix's house so come over if you want to.

I smiled and replied.

Sure! I'll be there as quickly as I can! :)

"Hey ma! I'm going to Felix's place. See ya!" I opened the door but my ma stopped me.

"Take your sister to the park to meet her friend and pick her up from Alice's house please." She said. My sister, Stefani, ran up to me.

"Fine. Come on, Stef." I said.

We left the house and walked to the park. I sat down and Stefani played on the swings, waiting for Alice and her mother to come. I got out my phone and texted Marzia to say I was going to be late. I put my phone in my pocket and looked to see Stefani but I was someone else.

"Mark?" I whispered. He looked over and I looked down.

"Jackaboi! Alice is here!" She ran up to me, blowing my cover. I looked up and Mark saw me and smiled.

"Okay, go on then. Have fun!" I said and Stefani smiled and ran to Alice. I got up and tried to go but Mark stopped me.

"Hey Jack. What you doing?" Mark asked.

"I was taking my sister to meet her friend. I'm going to my friends now. Why?" I asked.

"Never mind. Have a good day." Mark said and ran away. I was confused but I started walking to Felix's place.


These chapters are so short. Sorry

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