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"Jack, take Mark outside please." The teacher said. I nodded and went outside with Mark.

"What's wrong? What did Felix do?" I asked.

"H-he k-kissed me and t-touched me. He was t-to strong." Mark cried. I hugged him.

"You're okay now." I said, calmly. I will kill Felix.

"Don't." Mark whispered.

"What?" I asked.

"Don't kill him." Mark said. How did he know? Okay, I won't. For Mark.

"Jack! Can I talk to you?" I looked up and saw Marzia.

"Yeah?" I let go of Mark and held his hand.

"When I said she's not paying me enough? Well, Lily said, find out what Jack does and if he's being an ass. She wants to hurt you. I didn't want to do it but she forced me. I wanna help you. I'll beat her up." Marzia explained. "Never mind that now, what's wrong with Mark?"

"Felix kissed him and touched him. Mark couldn't do anything about it. Felix was too strong." I said.

"Oh my god. Well, I dumped Felix for other reasons. This is bad." Marzia said.

"What did he do?" I asked. "Why you left him."

"He cheated on me. He's with Cry." Marzia said.

"Explain everything that happened. *looks at camera like the office* For the readers." I looked back at Marzia. [A/N: If you understood the *looks at camera like in the office*, marry me. Comment if you understood that reference or message me fam]

"So, Felix and I were together. Then yesterday, I walked in on Felix and Cry... fucking. I shouted and dumped him. He said he was dating Cry. I cried and ran home. I got a call from Cry saying he kissed you and you hit him away. I then said that's bad and for him to fuck off because he's a bad person. Then today, you said Felix did that to Mark. That's all I know." Marzia explained.

[A/N: *looks at the camera* Is this confusing or?]

"He's a bad person." Mark said.

"He is. Does Ken, Dan and Phil know about this?" I asked.

"I told them. They want to stop him." Marzia said.

"We don't have to. Let's forget him and move on." Mark said.

"That's a good idea. I'll tell the guys." Marzia said.

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