Chapter 1

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Alyssa's POV

"Alyssa! Sweetheart wake up! It's time for school!" I groaned, ignoring my mother and covering my sleepy face with my pillow, burying myself in the depths of it. Not for too long though. Before I knew it, the pillow was snatched away from my head, a breeze of the winter morning splashing my exposed face as my mother glared at me from above me. "Young lady, I will not have you arriving late on your first day of senior year"

"Alright alright, I'm up" I replied, elevating myself off the bed. I walked slowly into my bathroom, taking a quick shower and changing into my usual school attire, which mostly consisted of black skinny jeans, a white t-shirt, a scarf, a beanie, a black jacket and black boots. No, I'm not Goth.

I grabbed my bag and sprinted downstairs.

"I'm running late, later parents!" I yelled, grabbing an apple on my way out.

I hopped into my old, green pick up truck, speeding it down the roads towards my high school.

I parked my baby further away from all the high class cars in the lot that I knew belonged to the high class families in the pack, and hopped off, dashing inside. The familiar atmosphere filled me once again as I walked down the corridors towards my locker.

To my surprise, my best friend, Hailey, was already present, waiting outside my locker.

"Well you're early today" I started as I approached her.

"And you're almost late." I shrugged, grabbing my books before making my way to home room with her. "So did you hear the news?"

"What news?" I questioned her as we sat down.

"The future Alpha and Beta have returned from training" she commented, making me groan in annoyance.

"Chace and Adam?" she nodded, confirming my doubts. I always hated those two. They were everything those cliché books and movies talked about, hot ass holes who slept with everyone, jerks, heart breakers. I honestly wished the best of luck to their future mates. "Great, let the drama begin" I commented, making my way to class as the bell rang.

I arrived my locker and busted it open, I didn't even know why we had to study history in the first place. It's not like Christopher Columbus was going to come back from the dead and explain his journey to us. I dumped my books back, anticipating lunch time. I needed food.

'Alyssa?' Hailey mind-linked me.

'Sup Hay. Where are you?' I asked her back.

'I'm in the cafeteria...with my mate..'

'WHAT?! WHO IS IT!?' I yelled in my mind, almost yelling out loud. I couldn't believe it, my best friend found her mate. Her soul mate. And here I was, forever alone. Great, now I lost my best friend. I felt a small pang in my chest, but ignored it, trying to be as happy as possible for my best friend.

'It's the future beta, Adam' she replied, my eyes widening even more. Great. Not only did my best friend find her mate, but it turned out to be a fucking womanizer, and the future beta. I kept my inner criticism to myself and attempted putting up with a smile.

'Congratulations Hay. I'm happy for you.' I replied, somewhat lying.

'Come to the cafeteria, I want you to meet him' she requested. I nodded even though she couldn't see me and without replying made my way towards the cafeteria. I spotted Hailey seated on one side of a table, her head facing me whilst two backs faced me on the opposite side of her.

I walked towards her, sliding into the seat next to her, facing her mate and the other person.

As soon as I did, my eyes completely ignored my best friends mate, instead, they fell upon the other face, my wolf instantly jumping inside of me as she screamed 'Mate!' my eyes widened as I came to realisation.

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