Chapter 11

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Alyssa's POV

I dropped my head into my hands, looking away from his pleading eyes. I soon felt the familiar tingles on my skin, feeling my hands freeing the weight of my head as he grasped my hands into his own.

"Please, stay Alyssa. I need you, this pack needs you."He pleaded once again, his eyes piercing through mine with a look of pure honesty. My wolf whined, begging to give into the bond, but I feared bringing down the walls I had taken so long to build. I feared having my heart broken again; I feared...I feared facing what I had faced just five months ago.

I looked down at the way his hands moulded perfectly around mine, and the way his eyes bored into mine with great intensity. The man in front of me was my mate, my soul mate, someone who was supposed to love me from the very minute he laid eyes on me, and he didn't. Yet here I was, sitting in front of him as he begged for forgiveness on his knees. It was said that soul mates were created for each other, and one way or another, they would end up together, because the moon goddess paired us up together, we were meant to be. No matter how hard I would try to escape it, I would never truly escape the feelings I felt for him. I would never escape the tingles I felt around him, or the way my wolf went crazy with just a hint of his scent. I would never stop wanting to be with him.

So why wasn't I this very moment?

Suddenly the blur in front of my mind was clear. This is what I wanted, this is what I would have to give into eventually. This was it.

"Chace, I'll –"


The end of my decision was cut short as a sudden sound had us both on our feet and on alert. An unknown scent had penetrated our noses and we were dashing out of the hall in a matter of seconds. Chace pushed the door open wildly, noticing a pack of rogues tearing apart the members of our own pack, as our members did the same. The sound of a loud growl was heard before the cracking of bones and shredding of clothes and Chace had shifted into his huge dark brown wolf before he joined the rest of his pack in the process of fighting off rogues. Realisation soon struck me and I shifted on the spot, tearing my clothes through the shift, into my light grey wolf. I had immediately allowed her to take control before diving into the scene. I approached a young looking pup, who was being towered by the figure of a large black rogue, his teeth barely centimetres away from biting into the neck of the pack member. I pushed my legs faster, throwing myself at the rogue from a distant, pushing him away from the young pup.

The rogue and I circled each other for a while, his vicious eyes boring into mine before he lunged towards me. Predicting his move, I dodged his attack, jumping on top of him to catch him by surprise. I pinned the wolf down, my head dipped down to the veins of his neck, snapping it in a minute, leaving the rogue limp dead beneath me. I jumped off it, trotting my way towards the injured pup, helping him up. He soon bowed his head to me; a sign showing he knew who his Luna was and dashed away back to the pack house. I looked around, my eyes immediately looking for my mate.

Before I knew it, another brown wolf had lunged for me, taking me down with him, pinning me underneath. My wolf struggled under his heavy hold, thrashing as much as we could, but the wolf just snarled in return biting down painfully on my neck, thankfully not killing me. I managed to use my back legs to kick the wolf off of me, and jump on top of him despite the protesting pain on my neck. The wolf flailed underneath me, but I used my back legs to pin him completely, biting down on his neck, ending his life. Another one dead.

As soon as I felt his life fade away, my wolf pushed my forward, running deep into the forest in search for her mate. The sight of wolves falling everywhere had my wolf whimpering on the inside, knowing that these were technically my pack members. Resisting the urge to look for Chace, we scanned the area to look for any pack member that needed our help. From the corner of my eyes, I noticed a huge grey wolf wildly tearing the life of a pack member apart, making me wince on the inside. I made my way towards the young member, colliding into the dark grey wolf, making him loosen his hold on the member immediately. He snarled at me, his sharp teeth ready to attack me. I looked back at the pack member, signalling for him to run, and he did, as fast as he could. Through my distraction, I hadn't noticed the rogue crashing into me, taking me down with him. He was much stronger and wilder than the other rogues, I used my hind legs to push him off me, but he caught me back, sinking his teeth into my leg, earning a loud whimper of pain coming from me. I struggled under his hold, freeing my leg from his mouth and limping my way backwards, but he reached me and grabbed me once more, this time sinking his fangs into my stomach, again releasing a noise of pain from within me. I could feel myself lose my consciousness, and I knew as he approached my neck, that this was the end of my life. His mouth had opened once again, revealing his sharp fangs before he dipped down slowly. My eyes were slowly drooping shut, knowing that this was the end of my short life, in which I had refused to give my mate a second chance, or give anyone a proper goodbye. This was it, this was my then end.

The last thing I heard was a loud ferocious growl in the distance before everything went black.

Chace's POV

"Wake up, Alyssa wake up please baby wake up." I panicked, picking up the figure of my unconscious mate in my arms, who had turned into her naked human figure that was now covered in painful bruises, bites and scars everywhere. I looked down at her beautiful face, a tear releasing my own eyes as I realised that I couldn't save my mate, I had ran off to save my pack, but in the process I didn't save my mate. My soul mate, my other half. Her limp body lay in my hands, a heartbeat barely present.

I pushed away the rest of my tears, picking her body up in my arms, and started running towards the pack doctor. I mind linked my third in command to take over the situation since there were very few rogues left to take down. The familiar building of the hospital came into view and I sprinted inside, rushing my mate into one of the rooms, knowing the doctor was already on the way.

The door burst open and the doctor rushed inside, a bunch of nurses right behind him. I placed her body down on the bed and stepped back, allowing the doctors to check my mate, even though she was stark naked, now was not the time to worry about that.

Instantly, they started hooking things onto my mate and cleaning her wounds. The doctor looked back at me and walked towards me slowly.

"Alpha, I must ask you to leave the room please." I felt a growl rising to my mouth, but I pushed it down, nodding at the doctor. With one last pleading look towards my bruised mate, I left the room, allowing the doctors to work their magic on her. I didn't even bother convincing the doctor to save her, because I knew that as the Luna, they would save her in a heartbeat.

I slid down onto the chair outside the room; my head falling into my hands as I felt the sobs and tears escape my eyes, my emotions finally releasing themselves. She was my mate, and I had let her down.

I just wanted her to be alright.


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