Chapter 19

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Alyssa's POV

"Al! You do realise that you've only got three hours before the ceremony begins right? Get off your butt, we have work to do woman!" Hal yelled, barging right into my room. I got up from my sleepy position on the bed, my eyes slowly adjusting to the morning sunlight peering through my windows.

"Go away Hal, let me sleep" I commented sleepily, digging my head back into my pillow. Suddenly, my covers were pulled off me, exposing me to my annoying best friend.

"Hell no, we have three hours to make you look absolutely perfect and unblemished. Now get up Al, that's an order from a future Beta female to a very soon to be Luna" She ordered, standing with her hands on her hips. I groaned, forcefully pushing myself off my lovely bed running straight to the bathroom to take a shower.

Today was the ceremony that would officially make me Luna of the Blue Moon Pack, alongside my Alpha, Chace.

Excitement radiated around my body to the very tips of my fingers as I stood underneath the scorching water, trying my best to calm myself down. It wasn't long before my fingers started shriveling under the water, and I was forced to pull myself out. The cold air of the bathroom hit me as soon as I stepped out and wrapped a towel around myself to cover myself. I rubbed the mirror ahead of me, getting rid of the entire vapor on it. Through it, I could see a petite figure, her hair was shining blonde and her eyes were bright blue, a person who genuinely looked happy, and that person was me. My life had finally been put together, this time for my own good. I smiled to myself as I walked outside to pull on my robe.

Still wandering through my room, were a pacing Hal and Diana. They sent a smirk my way as I strode outside, and I immediately knew what was about to happen. As guessed, they pulled me up into the chair in front of my mirror and began with the three hour process of getting me ready for the ceremony.

The picked and plucked, making me close and open my eyes and mouth continuously, but soon enough the process had ended and they both stared at my face, with a bright glow of an expression that resembled pride. They turned me around to look at myself in the mirror, and it was then that I had completely forgotten what I looked like. The woman in front of me looked like a proper Luna, a woman capable enough to stand up for an entire pack and help lead it. Pride swelled within me as I realised that I was that person, and more than nervous or worried, I felt determined. I wanted nothing more than to protect this pack, and fill their chests with pride of who I was; their Luna.

A smile had automatically found itself onto my face as I hugged my best friends and appreciated them for making me look like a deserved Luna. They turned me back around into the direction of my dress; a cream, white strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline, which was complemented with touches of gold around the dress. A gold belt was strapped to the middle, making the colours stand out much more.


"Alright, this is where we leave you Al. Remember, when Chace announces your name you walk out towards the platform. Got it?" I nodded at Hal's statement, watching as they both walked away, getting smaller and smaller in the distance, and eventually disappeared in the crowd. I fiddled with my fingers, my heart speeding with nervousness.

From the corner I had been left in, I could hear Chace's voice erupt through the grand room as all faces were facing my mate, their Alpha. He proceeded to inform the pack the reason for their gathering before he loudly and proudly announced my name. I took one last deep breath before emerging through the corner, the eyes of the entire pack on me as I walked towards the platform. My eyes averted from everyone, focusing ahead on Chace who stared at me with nothing but adoration, making me blush harder. I climbed the steps, and took the hand Chace had offered me as he brought me to the center of the platform. His hand remained on the small of my back as he did, and he then looked back at our pack, continuing his speech.

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