Chapter 6

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Alyssa's POV

My predictions were right: He certainly didn't understand the rules I had posed. His seat had moved from the other side of the table to right next to mine as he hummed an old tune whilst 'attempting' at keeping to himself. I soon lost my patience and dropped the pen from my hand.

"Do you not understand what I mean by keep to yourself?" I snapped, meeting his smirking gaze. He lift up his hands in surrender.

"I don't see what I did to trouble you" he replied innocently.

"Don't act all innocent with me Winchester."

"Me? Please, I'm a saint" he said, pointing at the invisible halo above his head. Obviously to me that halo looked like devil horns.

"Yeah, total saint. I'm sure the moon goddess would be totally proud of you" I commented sarcastically. He tensed slightly, his smirk disappearing in a matter of seconds. "What happened? Has the saint got nothing to say anymore?" I provoked, wanting to make him simply explode, the smirk spreading on my face this time. His already tense figure stiffened even more as he closed his eyes to take a deep breath. I smiled and stood up from my seat, ready to walk away from Mr. Saint when I felt the familiar tingles shoot up my arm. As I looked down, I noticed his hand was grabbing my arm, his figure no longer tense. His face dropped a little, his eyes no longer looking through mine as he spoke to me.

"Look, I know this is going to sound really stupid but I really am sorry for that day-"

"Don't even bother Winchester. You rejected me, and I accepted it and moved away. I'm only here for Hal's wedding and then I'll be gone again to my happy life at the Dark Shadows. So let's not even bother with the formalities and pretend to like each other, you go back to being the best man and I maid of honour. That's it." I could hear my wolf begging me to go back and apologize, but I was most definitely not going to. He had made my life hell, and I was most certainly the cliché vulnerable girl who gave him a second chance and ended up getting hurt again. When he rejected me, this is what he was getting himself into. I had turned back around to walk away from his astonished face when his hand grasped my arm once again, roughly pulling me back to face him.

"I know I rejected you, but don't you dare for a second think that I don't regret it every second of my life. But that doesn't change anything, you're still my mate and I can make you feel things that no one else can." I laughed in his face, not falling for his tricks.

"Do you really regret it though? Is that why you're naming Chloe Luna after the wedding? Stop being so full of yourself Winchester, you aren't the only one who can make me feel things." I whispered in his ear, this time successfully walking away from his angered face.

I strode back home, my chest filled with pride at my accomplishment, whilst my wolf whimpered inside me. I tried to remind her that he was the sole reason of our pain a few months ago, he was the reason we had walked away from our family, the reason we spent our sleepless nights crying, building walls, and I had promised myself that I was not going to be the vulnerable girl whose walls came crashing down because of that jerk.

Opening the door to my home, I walked to the living room to join my mum and dad.

"Hello darling, long day?" my mum questioned as I strolled inside. I nodded, plopping down on the sofa with my parents.

"Did you have to spend time with him again?" my dad muttered, clearly frustrated. Ever since they had found out about Chace's rejection, they had lost their respect towards their Alpha.

I leaned my head down on my dad's shoulder to calm him down.

"Yes, but I gave him a piece of my mind, so he won't be bothering me again anytime soon. Besides, he's the best man so I sort of have to be around him." I commented, getting comfortable on the couch.

"That bastard, I can't believe-"

"Dad, calm down please. I have this under control alright?" I reassured him. He nodded slightly, focusing back on the screen.

"How is Drew treating you?" My mother questioned from beside me. A smile immediately spread across my lips at the mention of his name.

"He's amazing mum. But this can't go on when he finds his mate" I replied sadly, elevating from the sofa. My mum shot me a sympathetic smile before I ran upstairs towards my bedroom.

I began checking my work for the wedding was steady before my laptop started ringing. Looking upon the Skype call from my boyfriend had a huge smile falling on my face as I accepted the call and dropped down on my bed. His face soon popped up on my screen, making a flutter of joy strike through me.

"Hey beautiful"

"Hey, how are you?"

"Missing you, like crazy."

"Aww me too." I replied, sensing the uneasiness in his voice. There was a minute of silence before I broke it. "Just spit it out Drew" I commented, knowing what he wanted to ask me. He sighed, knotting his fingers through his hair before focusing back on me.

"Is he- you know, trying something on you." He finally let out, making me chuckle.

"Well, to be honest, he is. But then again he's failing. He doesn't understand that I already have someone in my life who I care about way more than I care about him." I replied, earning a smile from him.

"I'll kill him if he tries something on you again"

"Don't worry, I'll kill him myself if he does that" I responded, he chuckled, looking back at me with nothing but adoration.

"I love you Al" he stated, making my smile grow wider.

"I love you too Drew" with that, we hung up, falling back on my bed as I wondered about his words.

Who said you can only love your mate?


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