Chapter 15

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Chace's POV

"Drunk? Why the hell was he drunk? Why the hell was no one there with him?" I heard a voice yell, the tips of my hairs instantly on edge, giving me a clear indication that it was Alyssa. Sensing the worry in her tone, I wanted nothing more than to open my eyes and comfort her. Only problem was, I didn't know how to. My eyelids felt heavy and as I tried to move my body, I felt pain blossom throughout my body.

"I apologize Luna, Alpha had called me, unfortunately, I was too late." I heard my third in command reply. A sigh escaped Alyssa's lips, and I could instantly picture her hand on her forehead.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude, I just....-"

"I understand Luna, he is your-"

"Yeah. It's complicated." She interrupted, clearly still uncomfortable around the subject.

"Luna, I know what Alpha Chace did to you was terrible, but I thought you should know that he really does care for you, he really regrets it" she sighed again, and I could picture her slightly nodding.

"I know." She replied as barely a whisper. In the next minute, the door opened and shut, and I realised that it was just the two of us in the room. I loved the fact that she cared enough to be here with me, but I could only hope she stayed with me.

As I thought of her, my eyelids suddenly felt a lot lighter, which allowed me to slowly peel my eyes open only to be greeted with a bright white light. I blinked a couple times to adjust my eyes to the light and looked around the room, spotting Alyssa sitting on the chair next to the hospital bed, her head buried in her hands.

My heart fluttered at the sight of her, my wolf wanting nothing more than to comfort her. I pushed my body up, getting myself into a sitting position, successfully gaining her attention. Her eyes snapped up, meeting mine and she sprung off of the chair, coming to my aid immediately.

"Hey, are you alright?" she questioned, the normal sparks exploding at the connecting of our skin. Her hands traced my arm as she helped me sit up, her eyes filled of concern.

"I'm fine" her gaze disconnected from mine as she nodded slightly, her eyes crunched and she suddenly started shaking her head and stepping back.

"What were you thinking? Actually, what the hell were you doing? Are you crazy? Look, I know you're having a rough time and all, but at least think about your pack when you decide to take such reckless decisions. They cannot lose their Alpha" she commented, making guilt consume me instantly. I nodded slowly, capturing her eyes with my own.

"I know, I'm sorry, I just couldn't...-"

"Watch me with Drew?" her eyes were no longer boring into mine, and her head was facing the floor, her hands fiddling with each other. And she was right. I couldn't stand the sight. There was a long pause of silence before I released a breath to answer.

"I brought it on myself, I understand, but what I don't understand is why you won't give me a chance to prove myself. I get that I made the biggest mistake on the planet, and I even suffered the consequences, but I am still your mate, so why won't you even give me a chance Al? Why are you still with him? Do you love him more than me?" At that her wide eyes snapped back into mine.

"It's complicated Chace, I can't-" Halfway through her words, she had walked closer towards me, giving me full access to her scent, which had certainly changed. Her once fresh scent of wood and roses had now changed slightly, it had gotten more...masculine.

"You mated with him?" I questioned, my eyes widening at the realisation. Her eyes widened too, her figure paused.

"Chace, it's not-"

"I can't believe it! So that's why you won't give me a chance! You already love the guy!" I exclaimed, absolutely and utterly raging. She had slept with him! She didn't even give me a chance!

"Chace, will you hear me out-"

"Get out" My heart had turned cold and I suddenly didn't want to see her face. I know I probably deserved it, but she could have at least given me a chance. Her face turned cold, and I could see the tears welled up in the corners of her eyes, ready to fall. She turned around and dashed away out of the hospital room, leaving me alone to my thoughts.

Alyssa's POV

My heart ached, my wolf was whining, and I was in absolute pain. He was wrong; I hadn't mated with Drew, although last night we had taken our relationship to the next step, until in the morning I could feel all his pain wake me up. Guilt had consumed me as I came to realise that I had been engaging myself with someone who wasn't my mate whilst my mate was getting hurt because of me. Maybe I did want to give him a chance, but was I ready? There were still a load of what if's in my mind, yet at the moment, I wanted nothing more than with him.

I arrived back home shortly, seating myself on the sofa in the living room. Not long later, Drew joined me, comforting me.

"You okay?" he questioned, feeling certain that he had me, but the truth was he didn't. Even though I was with him, my heart was completely voting for the other side.

I was slowly starting to fall for Chace Winchester.


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