Chapter 4

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Chace's POV

"What is it that you need me to do?" I asked again, making sure I was hearing right.

"Dude, I've said it three times already, I need you to organize the flowers please"

"Isn't the maid of honour supposed to do that? Why the hell am I doing a woman's job Adam?" I yelled, throwing my hands up in annoyance. Where was the damn maid of honour anyways? Who even is she?

"Well the maid of honour is arriving today, any time but we need the flowers organized man please. Hailey is going to kill me if I don't have this done. Come on man, you're my best man." He pleaded. I groaned yet again, sighing with a nod.

"Fine. I just hope this maid of honour – whoever she even is – better do some work"

"Oh trust me she will" The door had suddenly burst open, a gush of air hitting my face as Hailey walked in towards her mate. She had hated me ever since she found out what I had done to her best friend, but then again, I couldn't have her as my mate, especially not when I already had someone else in my life. Chloe. The person I was going to name Luna in a few days. I had felt regret and guilt for a few days after my realisation of my mate's departure, but with the right distractions, I had finally gotten used to the feeling.

"So who is this chick anyways?" I questioned yet again with a tinge of annoyance in my voice. Hailey had refused to tell me or anyone who her maid of honour was. It was a surprise.

"A special friend of mine." She commented with coldness in her voice. If she wouldn't have been my beta's mate, I would have probably set her straight with the tone she had used on me, but I decided to let it slip.

"And where is this special friend of yours? Is she planning on arriving any time soon-"

"Sorry I'm late" a voice erupted from the door, a blow of shock and electricity flying through my veins by the simple voice that had gotten me paralysed on the spot. I turned around, an alluring scent climbing up my nose as I looked back to see the source of the voice.

But boy was I wrong.


Alyssa's POV

"Alyssa?" his eyes froze on mine, shock evident on his facial expression. A rush of electricity had covered my entire being, and the smell simply drove me nuts, making my wolf want to pounce on her mate. But there was no way in hell I would ever make such a mistake.

Jerk. Dick. Dipshit. Asswipe. Asshole.

I continued insulting him in my mind as I faked a smile and walked, skimming right past him to embrace my best friend in a hug.

"I cannot believe you're here!" She exclaimed in my shoulder, hugging me tighter to her.

"Well you didn't really expect me to miss my best friend's wedding now did you?" I said as we parted.

"Never" I turned around, greeting Adam with a shake of hands before I turned to face him.

"Alpha Winchester" I simply commented, my fake smile still plastered on my face, his mouth still hung open due to the shock. A smirk formed on my own face as he simply nodded and his gaze met the floor. I turned back around to face my best friend. "So, do you have any duties for me bride to be?"

"Duties come later, right now, you and me are going on a long walk young lady" she didn't wait for my response as she grabbed onto my hand and started dragging me away from the crowd.

The minute we had arrived the woods she had stopped and hugged me again.

"I'm so sorry Al. Chace is a jerk and you deserve so much better. Unfortunately he is the Alpha and my mate's best friend so I couldn't do anything about it?"

"Hey, it's alright Hal, I get it. Besides, I already have someone new in my life." I smiled at the mere thought of Drew. Sure he wasn't my mate and he couldn't make me feel the things I could feel with my mate, but he was the best I could have asked for and was blessed for in my time of need.

"Oh my god! Who is it?" She squeaked, seating us down by the rocks near the calm lake.

"His name is Drew, he is the Dark Shadows Beta" I explained as she squealed again, her face drawn into a wide smile.

"That's amazing Al, I'm so happy for you." I smiled back at her.

"Anyways, tell me what have I missed?"


The next few hours passed by in a blur as I sat locked up in a room next to my best friend, getting to know all the things I had missed in my absence.

Turns out, my mate really did care about me. I mean he decided to give the Pack slut the Luna title, never look for me, kept living his life with as if his mate never left. What a perfect mate. #Mategoals. I know. I brushed it off as if it was nothing even though my wolf was howling inside of me and decided to go take a run before I called Drew.

I walked out of my best friend's house towards the forest, deep in thought that I hadn't realised that my darling of a mate just happen to be walking towards me before I felt the similar tingles shoot up my arms. Instantly I backed away, keeping as much distance as I could between us. His eyes searched mine for something I couldn't put my finger on, so I disconnected my gaze from his, focusing back on myself.

"Excuse me" I replied shortly, starting to walk away from the man I despised. The same tingles had returned as I caught sight of his hand on my arm, grasping me back to meet his gaze.

"I need to talk to you." He simply stated, trying to pull me to a corner, but I refused to take this bullshit.

"Well, it's going to have to wait, I need to go for a run" I shook my hand of out his grip, sending a glare through to him. I was about to walk off once again until his hand fell on my arm again.

"I. Need. To. Talk. To. You. That's a command." He demanded once again, finally striking a nerve. I brushed his hand off with force with a glare that would burn holes as I looked at him.

"You can't command me. Don't you dare ever touch me again" I glared at him one last time before I walked right of his sight, my wolf taking over instantly due to the anger consuming me.

I ran for a good while, unleashing my beast and allowing myself to feel the cold wind strike my fur as I tried to forget the asswipe who happened to be my mate. Soon, I changed into my clothes and I walked back into my old home, ready to face my parents.

What a day.


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