Chapter 9

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Chace's POV

I dropped my glass of whiskey back on the table, watching the other drunken guys try to dance waltz on an Eminem song. Adam sat on the other end of the couch, laughing slightly, trying his best to look like he's having a good time in his bachelor party. A pang of guilt penetrated me as I reminded myself that I was supposed to organize the bachelor party, and it failed miserably.

Ever since she had returned, I couldn't focus on anything. I knew this was all because of the stupid mate bond, and no matter how much I wanted to be away from her, I couldn't. It was as if there was an invisible force trying to push us together. However the bond didn't seem to affect her as much as it affected me, and that's what bothered me the most, how she managed to push me away that easily.

I untangled my thoughts and focused back on the fail of a party I had managed to organize. Standing up, I walked up to my buddy and pulled him off his seat.

"Come on guys" I mumbled as they all stared at me with utter confusion.

"Where are we going?" Adam questioned, pulling me to a halt by the door.

"We my friends, are going to crash the girls bachelorette party" I announced, opening the door to my house. Adam pulled on my sleeve once again, stopping me from anything.

"We can't do that. As much as I want to see my mate right now, I can't see the bride before the wedding day remember-"

"All of that is utter bullshit Adam. As your Alpha, I give you permission to see you bride before the wedding day." I commented, walking straight out the front door of his house. I strode out, the guys on my tail, making protests. Ignoring them, I moved faster along the grounds, my heart racing and my wolf jumping at the thought of seeing my mate again.

"Yo Chace, wait up" I heard a voice call behind me. I stopped in my tracks reluctantly, turning around to meet Adam's gaze. "Man, you're whipped" he chuckled, catching up to me.

"What is that supposed to mean? I broke up with Chloe-"

"We both know I'm not talking about Chloe. I mean you're basically breaking the bride and groom rule to go and see your mate man. You're totally whipped" he commented, bursting out in laughter. I realised his words were completely real, I was beyond whipped for the one woman I made the biggest mistake of rejecting in my life. I knew that it would take me forever to make it up to her, but even after her refusal speech yesterday, I was determined, and I knew that one way or another, I would get her back.

My wolf pushed on the inside, making me want to kick my feet out of my spot and continue moving towards my mate's house. Just the mere image of her in my head had my wolf going crazy, bringing certain temptations to mind. But Adam was right, I couldn't just break the bride and groom rule for this. I rolled my eyes, turning back to face him.

"You're right man. I'm so fucking whipped. Let's just go back to the house-"

"Oh no way man. Now as much as I hate breaking this rule, my wolf is dying to see her man. You aren't the only whipped man here." He replied, grabbing my arm and redirecting my posture back towards my mate's house. I didn't utter a word, as we continued walking.

Soon enough, the loud blast of music could be heard as we approached the Jackson residence. We walked out of the bushes, finally spotting the house in the distance. Completely lit up with loud music coming from the inside. The smell of alcohol was clearly scattered around the area, and the we could see the clear vision of figures moving inside the house, followed by the chatter of female voices. My eyes went back to Adams, noticing his tense figure as he focused intensely at the house in front.

"Why do you look so tense man?"

"You think there might be any strippers in there?" he curiously asked, making my eyes turn black instantly. My body had suddenly moved itself directly outside her front door in a flash, my body raging with anger. No one was to look at what was mine.

Adam was next to me in a second, but his hand stopped mine from knocking, instead he nudged his head in the direction of the window, silently walking towards it.

Slowly, we peeked our heads through it to see the scene the girls had created. My eyes popped open at what we saw. In front of us, Hailey was seated on a naked Henry Cavill's throne, laughing her ass off as the rest of the drunk girls cheered at my mate and sister stood up on a mini platform singing karaoke. My sister was completely drunk as she tried to match the words of Me myself and I on the screen and my mate, also drunk, was rapping with the worst voice in the universe. It's when I realised that my mate certainly did know how to organise a party, and instead of doing the same for my best friend, I had made him break the rule and crash the girls party. Looking back at Adam, his eyes were completely back, his breathing was heavy as he stared at his mate, who still didn't seem to notice the presence of her mate. However, my mate certainly did. In a minute, her scrunched eyes were focused on the window, dropping right on me, and her voice stopped singing as she strode towards the door, the other girls too drunk to care. Her steps were wavy as she approached us, throwing the door open and stepping out.

"What on-" her words were suddenly cut off as I saw her trip on the threshold, ready to collide with the floor. Something inside me snapped as I flashed myself forward to catch her just in time, sparks igniting within me at the impact of our skin touching. She had released a yelp and shut her eyes, expecting to collide with the floor, but released a sigh of surprise when she felt the sparks, her closed eyes opening at my touch, as she stabled herself, her eyes focused deep into mine. Once she regained her balance, her eyes disconnected with mine, but my hands stayed on her shoulders, loving the feeling of her smooth skin below my fingers. She soon regained her drunk senses as she pushed herself out of my reach, my hands falling limp to my sides as a glare plastered itself on her face.

"And what do you think you are doing here?" she asked, still drunk. It was so damn cute.

"Um... Adam wanted to see his mate, and as the Alpha, I granted him permission." I commented, easily beating her drunk tone.

"No no no Mr Alpha. No seeing the bride before the alter, get your Mr groom out of here this instant before I....punch him in the face" she said, using a load of hand gestures. So maybe she was a little too drunk. I chuckled slightly inwardly giving a slight bow to my mate before turning around to find Adam, his eyes still fixed on the window. I grabbed his arm as he protested and moved him from his position to face a glaring Alyssa, his eyes widened and he smiled sheepishly.

"We'll be out of here now m'am." I commented, as she scrunched her nose in confusion and turned around, taking a protesting Adam with me back to my house.

It was completely clear to me by now that I was completely and utterly in love with Alyssa Jackson.


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