Chapter 22- Fools

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Chapter 22- Fools

"Uh, wh-what?" I stutter. He leans to my side and bites my ear and I shut my eyes. What is he doing to me? Is this a joke?

"April fools, nerd." Dylan whispers softly into my ear.

I push him away from me really hard, he stumbles back, laughing. "Wow... You really... Thought that... I was going to... Kiss you?" He says in between laughs.

I roll my eyes and sit down on my side of the cubicle. I feel so stupid. Why the hell would Dylan Thompson try to kiss me? His type is pretty blonde sluts not ugly brunette nerds. What was I thinking?

He is just trying to use me. To become even more popular. To become the guy that has slept with every girl in the entire school.

I can't believe I like him. What the back is wrong with me? Seriously, what was I thinking?

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

This is so embarrassing. He's still laughing at me. I just want to sit in a corner and disappear. Stupid Maya. Why the hell would you fall for the biggest, hottest, cockiest ass on the face of the planet?

There is no way I am a nerd, nerds are clever and if I like Dylan Thompson, I most certainly a not clever.

The stupid part is that I was going to kiss him. I was going to do it without thinking twice. I am mouth virgin and I take kissing really seriously, yet here I was, about to kiss the biggest player of them all.

"Jerk!" I say and look out the window. Yeah, I'm terrified of heights but there is no way I can look Dylan in the eyes.

"Aww, what's wrong nerd? Where you actually going to kiss me?" He asks, I can't see him but I know he is smirking.

Yes. "No." I state. Stupid little cocky son of a flip flop! Ugh! I'm thinking of a lot of words I want to call him but can't because I'm not an ass like he is.

Why? Why couldn't I have fallen for absolutely any other guy in our school? Honestly anyone, even Joey Montacarlos.

"You were, weren't you? You were going to kiss me." He says, his smirk fading. Do I even really like Dylan? Maybe I'm so lonely that any guy I talk to, I have a crush on. Considering most guys don't talk to me, I wouldn't know.

He takes my hand in his. Yup, I definitely like him. "Maya, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to-" I cut him off with a laugh, "Dylan, I would never kiss you. Not even if you were the last guy on earth." I say.

Lies. Lies. Lies.

"So you would rather kiss Donald Trump or Mr. Bean than me?" Dylan asks. I roll my eyes, "Obviously. I wouldn't even think twice." Lies! Who the hell would want to kiss Donald Trump? Ew.

"Oh." He says and sits down on his half of the cubicle. He looks... Disappointed? Hahaha, no. Why would he be disappointed that I wouldn't kiss him? He could tell me he loves me and I wouldn't believe him anymore. Never trust a player.

I switch on my phone to see two messages,

Mr. Michaelis, 2:55pm: Hey Mai where are you guys?

Mr. Michaelis, 2:55pm: We're at the sweets from heaven in the food section, okay?

I quickly type a message back,

Me, 3:08pm: Hey Seb, we're stuck in the ferris wheel, not sure how long we will be. See you soon I hope xxx I'll call you when we're out of this death circle.

A few seconds later I get another message and turn on my phone again,

Mr. Michaelis, 3:09pm: Okay bae ;) see you soon xxx don't die *series of laughing emojis* Mwahaha.

Me, 3:09pm: I hate you.

Mr. Michaelis, 3:10pm: You love me.

I roll my eyes, to be honest I like Sebastian. Now don't freak out, I mean as a friend. He is really sweet and adorable and I want to know him better because he seems one thousand times better than Dylan.

Me, 3:11pm: Whatever.

Mr. Michaelis, 3:11pm: ha, you didn't deny it!

Me, 3:11: Yeah, sure. I love you bae ;)

Mr. Michaelis, 3:12pm: I knew it! *pretends to fist pump air* I don't blame you, I'm sexy AF ;)

I chuckle, Sebastian is actually quite funny and he is not a player. No wonder Ruby likes him. Why can't I be like Ruby and not like a player?

The ferries wheel starts again and I look up at Dylan again, he I staring down at the floor with a frown.

"We're going down!" I sing happily.

"Whatever." Dylan says.

"Geez, who shoved a stick up your ass?" I ask.

"Your mom." Dylan retorts.

Honestly I hate that comeback. Its stupid and immature and just a way to try sound clever and have a comeback when actually you have nothing else to say so you say 'your mom' to cover up. Its just stupid.

I sigh, "Okay."

I don't understand what's wrong with him. No! He doesn't fricking like me! If he did he would have kissed me so its not that. But what is wrong with him? He is the one who was stupid and embarrassed me and now he's mad?

Ugh, boys.

The rest of the day Dylan didn't say a word and on the way back to school he didn't sit with me and so Ryan sat with me instead.

It was actually pretty fun sitting next to Ryan, to say he is hilarious would be an understatement. No words could really describe his humor. Plus, he put unfortunately cushion he bought under Mr. Greene's chair. So old fashioned yet still funny.

On the way back he tried using horrible and cheesy pick up lines on me which was quite entertaining.

Much more fun than Dylan.



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