Chapter 9- Truth Or Dare

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Chapter 9- Truth Or Dare

I turn around and suck in a breath. Wow. "Uh, yeah, um, it's okay." This beautiful guy puts his hands on my shoulders to steady me. "Sorry, didn't see you there. You're Maya right? I'm Jordan." Hell yeah you are. I mean, what?

"Yeah." Well done Maya, that the best you got? Yeah. What kind of idiot says yeah. "Looks like everybody knows who I am now." I mutter. He chuckles, "Yeah, slap a billionaires son and that's what happens." Jordan says.

"Billionaire?" I repeat. "Well yeah, Dylan's dad owns this huge hotel company in Dubai and he is loaded." Jordan explains. Huh, no wonder his house is like a palace. Makes sense, I guess. I nod.

"So, a bunch of us are playing truth or dare, wanna join us?" I nod again, I don't have anything else to do. Jordan takes my arm and pulls me to the corner of Dylan's palace - it's not a palace but it looks like one so I will call it a palace - where a few other people are sitting. Sebastian is there and Dylan as well as a few other people that I don't know.

I sit down next to Sebastian and he grins at me, wrapping his arm around my shoulders and pulling me closer to him. Ew, he is touching me. "Okay let me introduce everyone." Jordan says and points to a girl with black hair that flows down to her hips, "This is Grace," He then points to a boy next to Grace, "Daniel," He points to a ginger haired girl and boy, "Sam and Katy." I'm assuming they are twins, then he points and Sebastian and Dylan, "I am assuming you know Dylan," Jordan chuckles and I roll my eyes, "and that is Sebastian, my brother." Jordan says. I raise my eyebrows. So Sebastian and Jordan are brothers? Hmm, I guess I can see the similarities. Dark hair, tall, sexy as fuck. God definitely blessed them.

I've never played truth or dare before but I am sure as hell it never ends well. Dares normally end up with people being forced to do something extremely sexual or extremely embarrassing. No good truth or dare games ever end with you having to sing happy birthday, oh no, it ends with you singing an extremely sexual song while running around in nothing but your underwear and then having to jump into a pond with slimy fish that will suck your toes or something.

But I'm bored so whatever.


The game ended up being not too bad, mostly because I chose truth most of the time so the best thing they could ask was 'who do you like?' which was simple: Daniel Sharman, Dylan O'Brien, Alex Pettyfer...

Jordan ended up jumping off the roof into the pool singing Hakuna Matata but since everyone is drunk they didn't stop him and instead started singing with him and Dylan and Grace had to lock themselves in the bathroom for ten minutes. God knows what they did in there but when they came out their lips were swollen and Dylan's hair was messed up which was oddly... Sexy?

Stupid thoughts about Dylan that my subconscious needs to stop having.





Sooooo sexy.


But like look at his face and his body and-


Stupid mind.

I think one of the bad things that came out of the game is Dylan being dared to make me blush without touching me.

"I dare you, Dylan Thompson, to make Maya blush without touching her." Jordan says and winks at me.

I sigh, that's not going to be hard for Dylan and he knows it. I'm sitting on a counter next to Katy- The red head girl. Dylan stands up and walks towards me, he looks down at my legs, "Open them." He commands.

I'm sitting on Dylan's counter and so my legs are swinging in the air. My eyes widen and I shake my head. "Jordan, open her legs for me." Dylan says. Damn you Dylan, finding loopholes.

Jordan walks to me and pushes my knees apart. Oh my gosh I swear this is not what it looks like. Dylan slips his body in between my legs and leans his hands on either side of me. I purse my lips, trying hard not to blush. He bites his lip and then moves his face an inch away from mine.

"You remind me of my pinky toe, you're small, cute, and I am probably going to bang you on my coffee table later tonight." Dylan winks.

No. Is he serious? He's using pick up lines on me. My body shakes with silent laughter.

"You're on my list of things to do tonight." He whispers. I bite down hard on my lip to distract myself from Dylan's words.

"Kiss me if I'm wrong but dinosaurs still exist, right?" he asks. I use my hair to cover my face, I feel my cheeks starting to heat up. No! Stop, you stupid cheeks!

"My love for you is like diarrhea, I just can't hold it in." By now everyone is in tears.

"Did you just fart? Because you blew me away."  Oh my God, please tell me he didn't say that. I burst out laughing and Dylan pushes my hair out of my face, his fingers run against my cheek. "Gotcha." he says and grins.

"Hey nerd, what you thinking about?" I look up and see Dylan grinning at me. Sexy. SHUT UP. "You." I say. Whaaaaat? Did I just say that?

Well my mind is currently bonkers because one time I stupidly chose to do a dare and they made me drink a whole bottle of tequila. I have never had alcohol in my life so my mind is not taking this very well.

I'm sitting on a sofa and Dylan plonks down next to me, "Me? What you thinking about me?"

"Nothing." I say. Thank the heavens! I didn't blurt out anything stupider than something a drunk person would say. Dylan wraps an arm around my shoulders and it makes me want to gag but fangirl at the same time. I mean his arm is like dayyym but he is like ughhh get away from me.

My mind is so bipolar. "Really? So you thinking about me but you're not thinking about me." I nod. What? I'm drunk, I have excuse.

"Well I'm thinking about you too." He whispers in a deep voice. "Uh, y-you are? W-what are you th-thinking about me?" I start blushing like a little girl.

"Nothing." He says and gets up then walks away. Well played Mr. Thompson, well played.


After a while I get up, making my way to to the drink table to get some punch. I'm not watching where I'm going and walk right into a wall of muscle. Oh, its not a wall, its Dylan. Just can't get away from him.

"Oh, hey nerd." He says and throws an arm around my waist, pulling me into his side. "Hi again." I go as red as a cherry dipped in tomato sauce because Dylan is also shirtless and it's making me feel really warm and flustered. Especially the fact that I'm being pulled into his warm and sexy body.

"Come on." Dylan picks me up bridal style and starts walking towards the pool. "Dylan, what are you-" Dylan throws me right into the pool while I am still in my white dress then jumps in after me.


Holy kebab sticks. I hate being thrown on the pool, you can't breath, you can't see and you think you are going to die. SUUUUUUCKS.

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