Chapter 1.

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Shagufta P.O.V

Time changes too fast. Well I am not philosopher or something it is just that today is my wedding.

Yeah you heard me right I AM GETTING MARRIED.

I don't even know how my soon to be husband looks like because, I had clearly told my parents that I don't want to see his pic or anything. It would have been of no use.

I have no say in my marriage. It is them who are taking the biggest decision of my life. If I had even seen the guy and if I didn't liked him than too I had to marry him.

So why to burst your bubble.? Its not like I have any choice.

Even I came to know about my wedding on my engagement day. On that day my mom burst into my room speaking her native language telling me to hurry up because we need to go for my engagement shopping. That was two weeks ago. And I am still having hard time to process everything.

Right now I am standing in front of the mirror in my room admiring the beautiful girl staring back at me. I cant even believe that its me. I must admit the makeup artist have some great skills under their sleeves. The had concealed every single flaw on my face.

Sudden knock on my room door brought me back to reality. My sister burst into my room with her usual bubbly attitude.

"Oh my God you are looking sooo beautiful...!!!!" My sister exclaimed making me blush. "Jazakhallahu khair" I said.

"Atlast you are getting married after those hectic days someone want to marry you now, isn't that amazing..??" Saima said with a slight disgust.

Thats hurt.

I was engaged with my cousin when I was 14 but that guy was horrible he used to blackmail me. I had suffered whole 3 years because of that guy.
Even my parents were with him. They used to beat the hell out of me, whenever that retard complained about me to them. I feel like I am just a burden on them.

That is also one of the major reason I never wanted to speak or meet with my fiance before wedding.

I hadn't even realized that I was crying when Saima rushed towards me and wiped my tears. " I am sorry sissy i didn't mean to hurt you" she said hugging me close.

She is kind of mean to me sometimes but rather than that we are fine. My life always had been a mess. My friends were the only one whom I can lean on. They were my support in the darkest days of my life.

Our moment was cut short by my mother. "Shagufta lets... Oh my Allah you are looking gorgeous my child Masha Allah." with that she hugged me, tears escaped my eyes. I will miss my mother she is the only one who had supported me. Not fully but she did.

She is my mother after all. She pukled away from me and wiped my tears. She was also crying.

"I will miss you, I am sorry I had not been a good mother to you." I wiped her tears and kissed her cheeks.

"You are the best mother anyone can ask for. Whatever you did it was in the heat of the moment. I love you maa." she caressed my cheeks and kissed me on my forehead.

"I am so proud of you. After everything we did to you. I don't have words to explain how I am feeling right now. But In shaa Allah you will have good future with your husband." I smiled at her shyly.

"Lets go now. We will be late for nikkah." with that I left the room where I grew up. With the hope of starting a new happy life.

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