Chapter 12!!!!!!

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Sorry guys I had writers block for a while and I didn't have any insperation. So here the story

Cathy POV

I woke up the next day and I walked out of my room and used the bathroom. I looked around it didn't seem like Jordan was home. I went to the bathroom an got ready for the day. I looked at my phone and saw like a thouands text from Mitch. I texted him back after and then I check my schueld and see when my class was. I realize I didn't have a class. So I just made some food and went back into my room to flim a video.
~Few hours later~
Jordan POV
I came home from class and I heard some noice coming from Cathy's room. I went to go check it out. I heard her recording a video. I walked down the hallway and sat on the the couch and watch some tv.
~A few mintues later~
Cathy POV
I was done recording for today. I left my room to go eat something. Once I left I saw Jordan.
"Hi" I said
"Oh hey. I didn't see you there" He said
"Yeah I'm done recording for the day" I said
"Oh cool" He said
"So what's up" I said
"Nothing" He said
"Oh okay" I said
"I like you" He said
"Wait what?!?!" I said
"Yeah" He said
I just stood there in shock. I didn't think he would have told me that.

Find out what will happen with them next time. Also I'm BACK!!!

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