Chapter 7!!!

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Jordan POV
It was the day that Cathy was moving to Seattle. I was happy. I got a text from Cathy telling me she had landed. I grabbed my snap back, phone, and keys and walked out the door. I hoped in my car and drove to the airport. When I got to the airport Cathy was standing there waiting for me. I pulled my car in front of her and unlocked the doors. I got out of the car and put her bags in the back. She got in the car. I got back in and we drove off. 
¨Well welcome to Seattle.¨ I said
¨Thanks.¨ She said
¨So you ready to see you new home for the next few years.¨ I said
¨Yes.¨ She said
We drove to the apartment building that we were going to be living in. 
AN: Yes, Jordan and Cathy are living together.
It was a week ago. Mitch and I were on team speak talking. 
Mitch said ¨Hey Jordan, do me a favor watch out for my little sister over there.¨
I say ¨Yeah sure¨ 
Mitch calls Cathy to get her on team speak. She hopes on a few seconds after.
Mitch said ¨ Cathy are you still looking for a place in Seattle?¨ 
Cathy said ¨Yes¨ 
Mitch said ¨ Why don't you and Jordan become roommates?¨ 
I say ¨Hey I need one. I'm going to be moving into this 2 bedroom and 2 1/2 bath apartment and I was going to look for a roommate.¨
Cathy said ¨Sure¨
~End of
I parked the car and helped Cathy with her bags. We went inside and got the key. We went up to our apartment. I open the door. We walked in. Each bedroom had it's own bathroom. We put her bags down and tried to figure out who getting what room.
¨So you can have the room closer to the living room or the one other room¨ I said
¨I'll take the other room. It has a walk in closet.¨ She said
¨Okay¨ I said
¨Okay¨ She said
¨My stuff isn't coming until tomorrow.¨ I said
¨Well I need get a mattress and a bed.¨ She said
¨Don't worry we can stay at my old place. The mover aren't coming until tomorrow morning.¨ I said
We left Cathy's stuff at the apartment and we go into the car and drove to my old apartment. The couch was a pull out bed. So, Cathy got the pull out bed and I slept in my room.
~Next Day~
We woke up the next day the movers came and took all my stuff. We headed to a cafe to eat breakfast. Then we got into my car and drove to Ikea to buy stuff for Cathy's room.

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