Chapter 3!

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On Teamspeak

¨Hey Mitch¨ I said

¨Hey Bayani¨ he said

¨How is life??¨ I asked

¨Okay CathyKitty is here too.¨ He said

¨Hey Bayani¨ she said

¨Hey CathyKitty.¨ I said

¨What you guys doing?¨ I asked 

¨We are studying for our midterms.¨ Mitch said

¨Okay I should leave.¨ I said

¨No stay I'll just go to my room.¨ Cathy said

¨No Cathy stay Bayani stay we can hang out together.¨ Mitch said

¨Okay¨ I said
~Few Hours Later~

¨Oh Cathy you want to tell Bayani that you will be in Seattle this summer.¨ Mitch said

¨MITCH!¨ Cathy yelled

¨Really??¨ I said

¨Yeah I'm moving out there for college.¨ Cathy said

¨Wow¨ I said

¨Yeah but Mitch we have school tomorrow we should be going to bed.¨ Cathy said

¨Yeah me too I have my midterms tomorrow.¨ I said

¨Yeah I'll talk to soon Bayani¨ Mitch said

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