Chapter 4!

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Mitch's POV
¨CATHY!!!! Get out of the shower!!!¨ I said
¨No! You did this to me last year.¨ She said
¨Come on! Mom wants us out the door before 7 oclock!¨ I said
¨Fine but yur driving.¨ She said
I was done getting ready and i hopped on my coumpter to check some stuff. Team speak was still up from last night. I saw that Bayani was on. I unmuted and started to talk to him.
¨Hey Bayani!¨ I siad
¨Hey MItch!¨ He said
¨Don't you have school soon?¨ I asked
¨Yeah! I have to go! Get on team speak later to record.¨ He said
¨Okay dude.¨ I siad
I got off team speak and hopped into the car. Cathy got in a few mintues after. 
¨Hey Cathy. Do you want to record a video after school?¨ I asked
¨Yeah sure! I have to vlog today.¨She said
¨Okay.¨ I siad
Cathy pulled out her camera from her bag and truned it on.
¨Hey guys. Welcome to todays vlog. So I'm in the car with MItch.¨ She said and point the camera at me.
¨Hey.¨ I said
¨We are about to head to school. We have to take our midterms today.¨ She siad
I started the car and started to driving.
~After School~
¨Hey guys Mitch and I are done with midterms for the day.¨ She said
We drove home and picked up some lunch on the way. My phone was going off. Cathy looked at it.
¨Bayani poking you on team speak.¨ She said
¨Unmute my mic and put it on speaker.¨ I said
She unmuted my mic and we started talking to Bayani.
¨Hey Bayani¨ I said
¨Hey¨ He said
¨What's up¨ I said
¨Nothing.¨ He said
¨Hey Bayani¨ She said
¨Ḧey Cathy..¨ He siad
¨We are driving home from our midterms.¨She siad
¨Oh.Cool¨ He siad
¨Hey Bayani Cathy going to record with us do you mind.¨ I said
¨No it's find with me.¨ He siad
¨Cool we will hop on team speak when we get home.¨ I siad
¨See ya.¨ He said
~At Home~
We hopped on team speak. Bayani was waitting for us.
¨Hey dude. Ready?¨ I asked
¨Yeah!!¨ He said
We started to record a SG. 

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