Chapter 5!

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~In the recording~

"What's up guys! My name is Bayani and welcome back to the minecraft hunger games and today I'm here with MrMitch and CathyKitty." I said
"Hi!" Mitch said
"Hey guys" Cathy said
"So Cathy I believe you have never been in one of my videos before." I said
"Yeah that's right." She said
"Welcome. Hey guys all her info will be down below in the disruption." I said
"Anyways let's try and won this hunger games." Mitch said
"Okay" I said
~Loud Thunder Nosies~
"I died" Mitch said
"Really Mitch" Cathy said
"Sorry!" Mitch said
"It's just Cathy and I left." I said
~Few minutes later~
"Guys I died and Mitch is died too and Cathy is the last one of us alive." I said
"Come on!" Mitch said
"Death Match in 10 seconds" Cathy said
"Win!!" Mitch said
"I need more arrows" Cathy said
"Okay I'll sponsor you." I said
"Good Luck." Mitch said
"The other guy has a dimond sword." Cathy said
~Few minutes later~
"I won!!!" Cathy said
"Well guys the it for this video see you all next time" I said
"Woohh" Mitch said
"Thanks you guys" I said
"Welcome hope to record with you again" Cathy said
"Yeah. See ya dude" Mitch said
"See ya" I said

Okay been a while since I have posted a chapter. Sorry. Had finals and then started a new semeter of school. I have a lot going on I hope you guys understand. Loves to you all! Hope you enjoyed and leave me a comment asking me question and I will answer them in the next chapter.

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