Chapter 11!!!!!

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Hey Guys long time since I last did a chapter.... So this story is still happening ... I just had to take a little break. Sorry.

Jordan POV

The next morning Cathy went to go sign up for her classes. I stayed home and edited some video. After a couple hours I got a texted from Sydney.

Text Message

S- Hey Jordan

J- Yeah Sydney

S- I was wondering if maybe you want to get a pizza later.

J- Yeah sure. I'll come and pick you up.

S- Kay pick me up around 5 ish.

J- Okay See you later.

End of text

A couple hour later.

"Hey Cathy" I said as she walked through the door.

"Hey Jordan" She replied

"I'm going to get some pizza with Sydney." I said

"Okay" She said

I walked away and got ready. It was almost 5 o'clock and I had to get ready. So I jumped in the shower and got ready.

A Few Minutes Later

I left the apartment and got into my car and drove to Sydney's place. Once I got there I knocked on her door. She opened it.
"Hey" I said

"Hey" She said

"Ready" I asked

"Yeah just let me get my keys" She relied

Se got her keys and we walked down to my car. I opened up the door for her and we drove to the pizza place.

Sydney POV

Earlier that day.


I'm going to ask Jordan to go get pizza with me so I can get the hot waiters number.

While hang out with Jordan

I walked into the pizza place with Jordan and we got a table. Jordan and I talked and then we order the pizza we wanted. The waiter brought us our pizza. I said thank you in a flirty way. Jordan and I ate our pizza and talked some more.
"So" Jordan said
"Yeah" I asked
" I was wondering" Jordan replied
"Yeah" I said
"If maybe we can be more then just friends...." Jordan said
I was surprised. I though he likes Cathy.... I didn't know what to say... I had to say something. "Well listen Jordan. I think it best if we stayed friends. No offence, but I just don't see you as anything more." I said
"Oh" He said all sad
"Yeah" I said
"Well we better finish these pizza and get out of here" He said
"Okay be right back." I said as I got up to talk to the waiter.
I walked the waiter and started to talk to him. Then he started to flirt with me a bit and then I flirted back and then I asked him for his number and he gave it to me.

Jordan POV

This was awkward. I like Sydney but she didn't like me.... After Sydney came back to the table we finish the pizza and paid and then left. I drove her home. Then after dropping her off I went home. When I got home Cathy was sitting on the couch watching tv. I jumped over the couch and sat next to her.
"Hey" She said
"Hey" I said
"How was it" She asked
"Okay" I said
"Hey what's wrong" She asked
"I told Sydney I like her and she turned me down." I said
"Come on cheer up there are so many other girls out there" She said
"No" I said
She started poking me and then tickling me. I laugh so hard I fell on the floor. I got up and started tickling her. She fell on me. She got up to catch her breath and her eyes met mine. Before I knew it we started leaning in closer before our lips touched. We kissed for a few minutes and then pulled away. We stared into each other eyes for a minute before she got up and left the room. I just sat there. That was amazing.. I though.

Cathy POV

Jordan and I kissed.... I felt sparks. He probably didn't so I shouldn't get me hopes up. The rest of the night I sat on my bed thinking of Jordan.

Next Day

Jordan was already up cooking breakfast. He made scramble eggs and bacon. I ate it and got ready, but then I felt a arm grab me. I looked it was Jordan. I looked at him and he looked at me. We stood their in silence. He let go and then turned around and sat on the couch. I went into my room to get ready for school. I get ready and once I was ready left my room. Jordan looked at me when I came out. I grabbed my keys and backpack and left for school.

Couple Hours Later

I came back from school Jordan was at the apartment. He looked at me when I came in.
I said "Why do u keep looking at me."
He walked over to me and said "Because your beautiful"
"Okay. If I am why did you choose Sydney over me." I asked
"Because I didn't see how great you are." He said
"Yeah Okay" I said in a mad voice.
He looked at me and then he put his hands on my cheeks and came in closer. He kissed me again. I felt fireworks. There were butterflies in my stomach. He pulled away and then left.

"That all you have to say." I said
"Yeah" He said.
I got mad and went into my room and slammed the door. A couple minutes later. There was a knock at the door. I knew it was Jordan.
"Go away." I said
"Please" He said
"NO!!" I yelled
I hear him walk away. For the rest of the night I stayed in my room. Mitch tried to call me on Skype. I didn't answer I didn't feel like talking to anyone. I just sat in my room and fell asleep.

What will happen next. Will Jordan tell Cathy how she feels. Have to wait and find out.

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