Chapter 10!!!!!!

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Sorry it been a while I've just been super busy with school. I have a week and 4 days left of school . So I'll be back to putting up chapters this summer. On with the story.

Cathy POV

So after I upload the video I looked at the clock and it said 4:00 P.M. So I went out into the kitchen and I heard a knock at the door. I opened it up and it was Jordan.

"I forgot my key." Jordan said

"Oh, well at least I was here to open the door." I said

Jordan came in with a bunch of papers and three or four bags of groceries. I grab the bags and put them on the counter and took the groceries out. Jordan put the papers on the island counter and helped.

"So, what are the papers for?" I asked

"My schedule for school." Jordan said

"Oh really?" I said

"Yeah" Jordan said

We continued talking and Jordan heated up one of the frozen pizza he bought today. Once it was done we ate that for dinner. Then we went to bed.

~Few Day Later~

A few days past by and our apartment is starting to come together. We got all the stuff we brought from IKEA. The nice girl Sydney came over and helped us build some of our things. Tomorrow we get out internet installed.

~Next Day~

So today we are getting out internet installed. It was 12 P.M. when I got up. Jordan was already up and that girl Sydney was here too. I walked into the kitchen and both of them we laughing.

"Hey guys." I said

"Morning Cathy" Sydney said

"Hey Cathy" Jordan said

"I didn't know you were here again Sydney." I said

"Yeah well I was in the neighborhood and I though I would stop on by." Sydney said

"Hey Cathy there some breakfast left if you want some." Jordan said

"No. I think all I want is some juice." I said

"Okay. Here you go." Jordan said and hand me a cup of juice

I left the kitchen and went back to my room. I waited for Jordan to come in my room and say we have internet. I sat on my bed and played games on my phone. Then a couple hours later Jordan came in my room and told me we have internet. I hooked up my phone and computer and laptop to the internet. I got on Skype and saw that Mitch was on. I started a video call with him and 5 seconds later he answer. I just sat on my bed with my laptop talking to Mitch for hours. Jordan came into my room to check up on me every once and a while. I didn't leave my room at all. Jordan would bring me water and some snacks. It was know 1 A.M. Mitch and I ended our call and went to bed.

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